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I have a program that opens me a php page and displays a table that should be saved inpdf but I can not find how to do.
As with Firefox when I opened the same page downloaded automatically to the table inpdf, with maxthon see it but do not understand how to download it in pdf
Attached is the picture of the page.



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I had already tried it, but save the page as php.
If I change name.php with name.pdf save the page name.pdf.php
I had to print the page with a pdf printer.
As I said when I opened the page with firefox php I downloaded the pdf directly.
Maxthon Why can not process the source php?

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Just tested this with my ISP invoices. They have an option to print as PDF, but it's created in a PHP script. Choosing save as from the main menu doesn't work, nor does using the save button on the PDF viewer.


Image below shows that the file is an invoice PDF (per the address). Save as dialog was opened from the save button in the PDF viewer toolbar. Shows as a .php. Should be PDF.


Other than a PDF printer I don't think you have many more options till it's fixed in Maxthon.

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