slow and flicker issues

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Hi mrsrxd,

Thanks for your question.I see no difference with or without ABP open in this page. Imgines are loaded quickly on my side.It is as same as that in Chrome.Does this problem happen the same in chrome on your side?


No, I tried in several browsers (firefox, chrome, vivaldi...), I experienced slowness only in Maxthon. Indeed, after disabling ABP it was actually more fluid but not as Chrome. I will try a clean install, I think I have never done this since mx 4 first release.


I think I wasn't clear in my first post but the issue isn't loading but scrolling.

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Hi mrxrsd,

Really sorry for your inconvenience.

I tried again.It is indeed very slow than that in Chrome.

It seemed not a problem caused by ABP

I would say it maybe a core triggered problem.

We have confirm this.

And I hope this would be fixed this ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.


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