No Search Suggestion using google site

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I am not so sure when it start, should be within a month.


Originally, I can have search suggestions at google site normally,


s.t., when I type "max" at the search field, "maxthon" and some others suggestion would follow by


but now they are not available,


It work normally under opera/chrome, so the problem is due to recent upgrade of Maxthon.

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Hi and welcome to Forum... (^^,)

If i understand correctly, then you go to Google here, to set up your Search Settings >

Make sure it > Always show Instant results


But if it's your Maxthon you mean?? Then try > Settings > Address bar > mark in [v] Enable URL alias

Press Add and put in some new URL Alias that you need...

If you have done this already, then try to put a mark in [v] Enable URL auto completion


Hope this was understandable and can help you... Now i must sleep, this was a very loooong day... (^^,)

Best Regards Ohke

EDIT : Oops s...If it's your real hotmail you use as a name, then i suggest to change it here, so you not get Spam Mails etc.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I actually came here looking for the exact opposite. Maxthon had not been providing instant search results as I typed them into the top address/search bar. Now, if I type in, for example, bbc to bring up my addresses where I've been, it starts searching first for "b" then "bb" and finally "bbc" before showing the google page for the bbc before it will show the drop down address bar. I want to turn off the instant search feature.

It got so bad, I was asking a question in the search bar and it was providing so many different instant results based on the first word, then the first two words, etc. of my question that by the time I finished asking my question, google was saying I was spamming the site and asking me to prove I was actually human and not a bot.


Is there any way to turn off this instant search function?

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