Future support for BitTorrent Surf?

JuDa ReSt

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I've looked myself. I am adequate enough at porting, but it's a myraid of js files and other files....I've taught you to port, bricky....I presume that it won't be easy for you either...once you see the number of files...at least psychologically difficult because of the lethargy factor....I'm lazy. Unless of course you have gotten better and haven't told me about it (:D *waves finger in presumed disappointment if the answer is yes* |||||||| I'm being a smartbutt, bricky, please don't take it the wrong way). And because I know simple (nothing more than that) porting, not extensive with many files. And SOME chromium and FF extensions have dll files in them - that's not even supported by the SDK structure as far as I know. Maybe that could be something to plan.

That's why I, too, only say I will look into it for most extensions, and then I usually cry at the sight of 20 different files...I would also try to develop it, but same here - I wouldn't be able to gaurantee it, considering I've already viewed its innards on this extension for Chromium.

Also the asterisk'ed emote was what I'm referring to as comical. Though you and I haven't been talking as much sadly lately because you're busy often, so I don't know whether or not you've gotten any farther than me, though I really am happy if you have, and would want you to teach me if yes....

Really, thumbs up if you can figure this out - I don't think I could.


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