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Had to re-install Maxthon due to ios corruption. Thought I had lost passport quck links as my icon was gone and only "happy face" appeared. I found new quick links that I put in. Decided to install passport again. Oh, dear what happened, my old icon appeared (hurrah!!!) and all my OLD quick links were back (that's good); but now my new ones are gone. How can I retrieve the quick links that I had put in before i re-installed passport without losing the quick links I now have? And yes i have did a search to attempt to find the locations i had just put into my quick links; but I don't remember the search wording I used when I found them. When I get those links back, I'll have to put them in a folder on the desktop because I am out of quick link boxes (i've got all 109 filled). If I knew how to make a general folder on the quick links, and then put the other links into that folder I would. Then I would have more quick link boxes.

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Hello nevergetany,

Glad to talk to you.

I don't quite get what you are referring to. Are you talking about webpage quick applications pinned to task bar/desktop or you are talking about quick access page content?:L

Actually quick applications are stored under %AppData% \Roaming\Maxthon3\Public\Apps\

Hope this information is useful to you.

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joemax replied at 2014-8-26 23:57 back.gif

If you use M4.4.2 and above the new QA allows you to have up to 198 dials.

Regarding your QA dials, ...

When I go to the menu I do not see Import nor do I see guest account; so how do I get there without interfering with my current set up. Also is M4.4.2 the final version and if it is the final version where do I locate it. When I press "About" in the menu it says and then in light grey print it says your browse is up to date. Now I am confused.


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