APNG support and Font Issues

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2 things...

1) I would love to see Maxthon natively support animated PNG files. No other browsers do that natively. I only know of a chrome extension that supports the filetype. I would love to see maxthon take the lead on that.

2) Is there anyway to fix the fuzzyness of the font rendering in the webpages maxthon renders? I notice it more when trying to print a webpage. The font seems chunky like it has stretched from a lower resolution. I can print the same page in other browsers and the font is crisp is most of them, the exception being the more recent iterations of chrome (maybe it has to do with webkit?). I'm using the latest maxthon on Win7 64Bit.

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Hi BronyBorn,

Thank you for your comments.

1)For the animated PNG files support issue, would you please provide a link to test?

2) Any link to test? I know that there is a problem with Maxthon print function but it would be better if you provided a specific link to have a look.This way it'll make it easier for us to identify the main cause.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your time and support of Maxthon.

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That's pretty neat, but does require an extension + external script. I also did a bit of research and it seems a few other browsers support it.


Still would like to have maxthon natively support apng.

http://fzs.sve-mo.ba/sites/default/files/dokumenti-vijesti/sample.pdf I did a few test prints of this pdf (page 5 to be specific) and both chrome and IE printed clearly with no color shifting or distortion. Maxthon seems to have a red-blue color shift occurring. It's fairly noticeable when in the print setup page zoomed in to 200%.

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