Maxthon first install suggestions.

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Hello Maxthon people.

I'm a software developer and I'm on web from about 20 years.

Tried Maxthon yestesterday in order to find a good alternative to Firefox or Chrome.

Downloaded and installed (after adding an exception to my Sophos UTM firewall).

After navigating in menus I started to customize settings as my preferences.

I added some extensions.

I added some pages of my links to the tabs (I don't know why I cant change websites size and sub tab order .. 1,2,3 .. but I can rename ... )

After over one hour spent I had a good setup, I could say a semi-usable browser for my needs.

Then I did something that made ​​me angry, and then uninstalled maxthon from my pc.

I clicked on the "Cloud tab" button in tab window.

Very amazing, Maxthon connected to my (empty) account and planed all my customized settings without asking me nothing.

I don't know why a software developer, before starting to write a new feature to a piece of software, don't go to see what are the features present in other identical software.

For example, in FireFox I can put my link on the mozilla server, but previously I can choice if overwrite server from local or the opposite.

I didn't think that a so stupid issue could exist in a sync function.

Other notes.

Not all extensions I searched exists (for example, I consider NoScript on Firefox a must to have, obviously a more simple extension like ScripSafe for Chrome could be better that nothing).

One other extension missed is a bridge to KeePass.

The AdBlock is obtained not so well from AdHunter (I don't find any feature to select manually on a page an ads to remove).

I don't think that all extensions are equal and must be left to the developers community.

A serious password manager is a must and also a serious control of active contents of webapages (I want to choice and see what websites I really connect when I open a web page).

I find Maxthon very fast, I hope that in future I can use it every day.

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Insulting developers won't get you anywhere, and you uninstalled your browser too early because I have a ready solution for you

Menu > Tools > Import/Export user data > Import user data > Maxthon Shared Account

About extensions: Maxthon doesn't have many extension developers, probably because of the browser obscurity and for having its own extension SDK

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Which version of M4 are you using? The latest forum version offers "remove by click" for adhunter, it had been removed for incompatibility issues in earlier versions. It will also be enhanced in the future.

Just because an extension doesn't exist by name doesn't mean Maxthon doesn't have an extension that does the same thing, violentmonkey for example is equivalent to greasemonkey for firefox.

Having used Maxthon for one hour does not give you much time to get to know it. Have you seen how Maxthon Cloud features can be disabled or enabled separately or how your favorites or history can be retrieved online. Or how all your extensions, QA and Magic Fill, etc., can be synced(they actually install themselves) when you are installing M4 for the first time on a new pc or making a new install.

By the way, just because a browser isn't as well known as Firefox and chrome doesn't mean it's devs are less aware of how to implement features. Maxthon is older then both ff and chrome and many of the features you see in either of those browsers existed in Maxthon long before it was a glint in chrome and firefox developers eyes.

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joemax explained it all well.

Regarding extensions, with Maxthon not being one of the big 4 browsers many dev's unfortunately don't worry about creating extensions for it. Thankfully there are many users that have the capability to create some with the same or equivalent features. A few big exceptions are those for VPN's (eg Hola), and password managers, and one other type that doesn't come to mind right now.

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It's good to talk you.

You as a software developer, i think you know a lot about softwares.

For the setting options that got lost, it seems that the problem occurred because you used two different account 9Guest account and your current account). You could follow SWFlash0 instructions to import your shared(guest account) datas to your current account.:)

For the extensions, you could go to Maxthon extensions sub forum and ask someone to help with the extensions you need. There are many Maxthon users that are willing to share extensions they develop:)

For other issues, it would be better if you provided in details what ads you would like to disable,by links.

A serious password passwords management? :o Maxthon has Magicfill and it is good for passwords management. Did you try it out?

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