Maxthon has no taskbar context menu

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In Windows 7/8, any given application can have two different taskbar context menus: The 'new' style menu which is shown when the entry is right-clicked, and the 'traditional' style entry (Containing restore/move/minimize, etc) which can be brought up with a shift+right click. For some reason, Maxthon has no menu at all when its taskbar entry is shift+right clicked.

I've never cared much for the new style of taskbar menu entries, so I use a program called 7 Taskbar Tweaker to swap the buttons for these types of menus: Right clicking brings up the traditional menu, and shift+right click brings up the 'new' style menu. Since maxthon has no traditional menu, when I right click its taskbar entry, nothing happens. I have a hard time closing maxthon because of this - it's a big barrier to the browser's usability.

Does anyone know why this menu is missing? Was it intentionally removed, or is this a bug? I'd love to see this menu's functionality fixed.

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Maxthon doesn't offer that menu. You can't access it like most other programs using the title bar or ALT+Space as it doesn't have a title bar as such. In doing so it doesn't offer the option to use that menu. I'd guess that is why it also doesn't show using that method.

Would be nice if they did add it in. Even if it can't be accessed directly on the UI, at least if the keyboard shortcut worked it would be handy - ALT+space, V or R are very handy shortucts, and it would fix your problem.

Thanks for the info, I never knew about using shift+right click on the taskbar.

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7twenty replied at 2014-8-1 17:44 back.gif

Maxthon doesn't offer that menu. You can't access it like most other programs using the title bar or ...

ALT + Space :I have posted several times in vain through the years to have this functionality reintroduced. It has been removed since M3 was introduced.

Maxthon is pretty much the only Windows program I know that does not have this ALT + Space shortcut built in.

So in that sense it does not follow the standard Windows UI correctly. I regard this as a serious bug still.

Devs ??? Please ??

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Hello guys,

Very happy to talk to you.

Thank you very much for pointing out this issue.

After reading your posts, i tried to go through all the shortcut keys but i couldn't get the traditional taskbar context menu appear.:L

After confirming with our development team, it can be concluded that the traditional Context menu is not available in Maxthon. But it was not remove intentionally , possibly some programming issues caused that.

The problem will be reviewed again and try find out a solution to it.

Thanks gain for your time and interests in Maxthon.:handshake

Have a nice day!

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