Huge memory consumption

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After few hours with Maxthon it get over 5GB RAM (machine with 8GB RAM) and when opening another application Maxthon hangs.

Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity

It's may be issue of webkit or chromium which is (I think so) core of Maxthon.

I meet this problems also on Chromium browser but with Maxthon there is much more such issues.

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BugSir007 replied at 2014-7-27 19:29 back.gif

Hi yona-tyt,

Really sorry for the inconvenience,

What's the meaning of the notification on faceboo ...

What happens is that most of the pages have stopped working, this is reflected in the graphs.

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fasola, yona-tyt, & Akira Kazama,

I'm using about 11% memory with Google Chrome in Peppermint 5 OS. Peppermint 5 OS is a distribution that forks off of Lubuntu. I've had many issues with Unity's 14.04, but they all boiled down to turning my computer into a slow and heavy computer.

I'm wondering if memory usage would decrease for you guys if you used Maxthon for Linux with LXDE (say Lubuntu or Peppermint) instead of Unity, or even Mint. I use both Lubuntu and Peppermint, and they are both pretty light on resources.

You want to know the truth? I liked Unity 12.04 better than Unity 14.04. There was less bloatware in Unity 12.04 -- no Amazon nonsense either!

I'm just tossing this idea out there. My particular problem now is with how Maxthon for Linux does NOT sync our Google bookmarks by default. That's why I'm using Chrome right now. But, actually, I prefer Maxthon for Linux more than Chrome. But that lack of syncing with Google is my particular frustration with Maxthon for Linux right now. But, other than that, my experience with Maxthon for Linux with Peppermint OS has been excellent, and I never noticed any memory issues, but I was using an LXDE desktop environment instead of Unity at the time.

Us Linux folks just love Linux -- from the developers at Maxthon all the way down to the end users. The Linux team for Maxthon is an excellent. I do believe they will work out these particular issues of ours over time.

Best wishes to all of us here -- from the developers to the end users!


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