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  1. Thank you, ody, for merging these two posts. I agree with you that they go perfectly together. Sharp eye --and thank you! But now my challenge is how will I get anyone to read the second half of this post?!!! I'm particularly interested in what yona-tyt, No.1MaxtonFan, and Dev CZ would have to say concerning Opera browser being bought by a Chinese consortium. These old friends and allies of mine, who have hung in here with Maxthon for Linux, probably know more about this subject than anyone else here in this thread. All I know it that I miss my Maxthon Cloud Browser for Linux, but it's now been an entire year without any updates, upgrades, or development occurring in what was my favorite Linux browser of all time. Might Maxthon Ltd. be within this consortium of which Opera's CEO, Lars Boilesen, is mentioning? And will Opera for Linux continue to be developed after this purchase? I'd hate to see development for Opera for Linux stop as it did for Maxthon for Linux here. These are the questions I would love to have answers to. Thank you, perknh
  2. I tried Maxthon for Linux again, this time within Deepin browser. Unfortunately I had problems with Maxthon's homepage weather app. I also had problems with flash, and I got a warning from within Gmail saying that "This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to supported browser." Maxthon Cloud Browser for Linux remains the best browser I have ever used EVER -- when it was working right! Now the browser has lost so much of its functionality on my computer, I actually get warnings asking me to upgrade to a supported browser!! ranmaru.hibikiya, your point is well-taken. I still check in every once in a while, hoping that the Maxthon team will have updated, or upgraded, Maxthon for Linux, but I've seen nothing yet. Hello Maxthon for Linux Lovers, I've wondered if any of you have taken a look at Opera for Linux. Although Opera of Linux is not a perfect browser, it is still under active development, and it is very similar in lots of ways to the old Maxthon for Linux browser that all of us used to enjoy so much. Opera, a Norwegian browser, is in the process to being sold to a Chinese "consortium that includes mobile game company Kunlun, security an search firm Qihoo 360, an Yonglian Investment"* --so it's going to become a Chinese browser quite similar to our old Maxthon for Linux soon anyway. Anyway, Maxthon for Linux lovers, I thought many or you here would find this information interesting if you did not already know about this development in the world of browsers for Linux that are already quite similar to Maxthon. All the best, perknh *Source: Opera CEO: Sale To Chinese Consortium Wasn’t Our Decision by Frederic Lardinois for TechCrunch
  3. 7twenty replied at 2015-1-25 17:58 Working fine here, using just zip/post codes for Australia and some US for testing. Could be relate ... I'm glad 7twenty. Unfortunately very few things are working for me correctly within Maxthon. I'm using Deepin too -- an excellent Chinese Linux distribution. But I've had not luck. Shockwave Flash has crashed on me, and I've gotten the message: This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser. Unfortunately, I've had to pull the plug on Maxthon for Linux right now. I was my all-time favorite browser for Linux. I hope it will make a rebound, I really do. I'm sure if it's ever opened up to the open source community, it will once again flourish in Linux. Right now I have to say, from what I can see, the Maxthon for Linux project is almost dead. All the best to you 7twenty, and thank you very much. perknh
  4. Hello Friends, I get Valid Fail response whenever I try to add my location for the weather app within Maxthon Now, Maxthon Start Page USA. I've tried putting in my city and state, both fully written, and abbreviated, and I've tried using my zip code too. Still, no luck. I always get this Valid Fail response -- but no weather information! Maybe Maxthon Now doesn't like the cold weather here! Who knows? :lol Anyway, I thought I should report the issue. Thank you, perknh
  5. Here's the link to Karl Mattson's answer from today's Live Chat. I do appreciate Mr. Mattson's candor and conundrum. When I see that Maxthon for Linux is once again updated and stable, I'll return to Maxthon for Linux. My favorite browser for Linux has always been Maxthon. I just have to know that it's always updated and stable.
  6. Of course, CarbonPepper, you're correct that that particular thread makes no specific commitment to Linux. Still I consider the thread to be a good sign in general for Maxthon because many of us here haven't seen any development within Maxthon --on ANY platform -- for a long, long time! There will be a Q & A session with Karl Mattson tomorrow. Karl Mattson is the Vice President of Maxthon International, and Maxthon's General Manager. As you can see within the link below, I did ask Mr. Mattson specifically about Maxthon for Linux. I'm sure many of us here hope Mr. Mattson will take a moment to specifically address the issue of Maxthon Cloud Browser for Linux. We'll soon read what he says. CarbonPepper, thank you. Your point is well taken. perknh
  7. BugSir007's post: is a welcomed sign that development is not dead at Maxthon. It just might be that the Linux team is having problems with Chrome's relatively new aura feature. I bet it's a brain teaser like nothing I could imagine! Anyway, hope persists that we will get an updated and upgraded browser soon. BugSir007's post is a very welcomed sign for anyone who enjoys using Maxthon browser.
  8. Hello 30114452, Thank you for your ideas here. The new Opera for Windows is based on Google Chrome's new rendering engine called Blink. If you're using Opera within Windows, you are using Google Chrome's rendering engine no mater what! Maxthon for Linux is using Google's Blink rendering engine too. And, if your hardware is compatible, it is absolutely the best rendering engine on Planet Earth. Maxthon for Linux is based on Chromium, and other open source software, and Maxthon for Linux uses Blink rendering engine too. Now Opera's Linux browser has been out of development for a long time -- perhaps a couple of years! That is the reason why I am using Google Chrome as my primary browser, as well as Firefox as my secondary browser -- that is until Maxthon for Linux gets an upgrade! Thank you, 30114452. perknh
  9. There's been a tug of war between Google and the the powers that be. Maxthon, for the time being, is caught between the devil and deep blue sea. I hope these issues will get resolved sooner than later. Maxthon is a world-class browser. Tony, I believe this is more of a corporate culture versus polity conflict than an issue solely about money. In today's modern world, it's very difficult to tie down and control all information, and, Google, for better or worse, has become the world's best vehicle for delivering information. Of course, what Google has gotten out of all of this is incalculable amounts of data. And who controls the data becomes, inevitably, the power behind the scenes. Yes, there's tons of money to be made, but there's even more to be gained than money -- lots of control! Now, what do you do with, and how do you use, the vast amounts of data generated by the aggregating all this information? This is a problem that can create great conflict. Maxthon is a powerful agent for change in China. Harmony will come sooner or later, I'm sure. I'm going to wait, but I will use Chrome browser in the meantime for reasons of browser security. But I want my Maxthon browser back ASAP! Thanks for responding, my friends. I did not know this problem was affecting all the platforms of Maxthon, but that makes a lot of sense. I've been narrowly focused in my world of Linux -- another love of mine! Thank you.
  10. Hello friends and Maxthonites! My favorite browser for Linux is Maxthon, But since I haven't seen any upgrades for a long time with Maxthon for Linux, I've decided to go back to Chrome for the time being. Chrome's stable version is now at Version 39.0.2171.71 (64-bit), and I imagine Chromium, on which Maxthon for Linux is based, must be around Version 42. Now the most important thing one can do for the security of any computer, besides having an updated distribution, is to have an updated browser. Is Maxthon for Linux still in development, or has development for Maxthon in Linux stopped for right now? I miss my Maxthon browser in Linux, but I do get nervous when I don't see upgrades for a while. Thank you, perknh