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BugSir007 replied at 2014-7-7 19:34 back.gif


Do you use Maxthon passport?

If you didn't clear your browser history data, then the online hist ...

Hello. Thank for reply.

The history in my PC it is all.

I have other PC, and format ocasionally, but I do not clear, I do not use at all option clear in maxthon.

But often my online history it is clear. Just now, is empty before July 03 2014. I want my history on line this always there, even I uninstall and reinstall Maxthon or for format.

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I can confirm this. Online History seems to be broken.

In fact for a while now only the 5 previous days history are available to view.

It did not used to be like this. A while ago I was able to open up Maxthon 3 and look at my online history for previous years, now this too only shows my 5 previous days history.

So this is not Maxthon version dependent. This is despite using Passport and checking activate online history.

This was one of the joys of Maxthon Passport and has now been taken away from us. Can this be reinstated please so that we can view our complete online history on any computer wherever we are ?????????

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