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Found 15 results

  1. Please, make or update recent extention for checking seo rank.
  2. Hello Maxthon community! I just recently began customizing Maxthon and I am loving it! With recent updates I truly feel this is a superior browser to Firefox or Chrome. However, there is one thing holding me back to making the permanent switch over to Maxthon, and that is lack of support for the Reddit Enhancement Suite. Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) Link: I tried some ViolentMonkey scripts, but it is not quite the same as RES in other browsers and it is heavily detracting from my experience. I would love to see a RES extension be made for Maxthon, and I am certain there are many others who would too! Thanks!
  3. Please add back this great feature to Maxthon. "Select more than one link, drag and drop them, And they open in the same time, Great in Galleries, The best thing that it ignores the normal text between each link" It was my favorite feature from Maxthon 2. I hope it will be added to Maxthon again. Bookmarklet: javascript:a=getSelection().getRangeAt(0).cloneContents().querySelectorAll('a[href]');for(b=0;b<a.length;b++){a[b].target='_blank';a[b].click()}
  4. When visiting on ebay and other websites, they usually show the currency in dollars or even on other types of currency. Each time I'm curious about a product, I have to use Google's website to convert to my country's currency (which is Shekels). For example, I type "100 dollars to shekels" , and get this: I'd like to have a tool, built in, for converting the selected text to the currency of my choice, or even do it automatically. You could even add it inside the translator tool, as this is a special kind of translating (more like: translating is a type of conversion, between languages) ... This script might be useful:
  5. Is there a UA Switcher extension around here? One that can change your UA to Android, Ios, etc... Other than the ones in the settings
  6. I know maxthon has cloud push but I would really love a pushbullet extension. I have pushbullet on all my devices and it works really well. I've used pushbullet ext/addons on firefox and chrome and loved it. Please bring it to Maxthon.
  7. You have a wonderful app there, if only it would work. It fails to sync notes so it's useless. No updates since march 30 2012. Besides that there are other apps that do the same, Skynote is a great way to bring more people to know Maxthon. Sad that Skynote for Android gives users such a bad impression for just one bug that cripples it. Of course there is Evernote, Google Keep and some others but it still is a great tool! Sorry if this is not the right forum, should that be the case, could you please point me on the right direction?
  8. I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to figure it out. Can someone give me a step by step guide as to how I do this?
  9. I see that Ghostery isn't available for Maxthon. Is there a similar utility that can work on Maxthon?
  10. hi to all, I'd like to know if it possible adding SpotFlux Lite extension ( in maxthon
  11. Hello! Maybe anybody knows addon for Maxthon like a FoxReplace for Firefox? It lets you replace text in web pages. You can define a substitution list and apply it automatically or at your own discretion, or make individual substitutions. You can use this as a filter, or just for fun Description from FoxReplace addon page: This extension allows you to replace text fragments (strings) in a page by other text fragments. The system is based on substitutions, where each substitution has an input text which has to be replaced (the "Replace" field) and an output text by which the first has to be replaced (the "With" field). When a substitution is applied it's over the whole content of a page (you can't do partial substitutions at the moment). Substitutions can be case-sensitive or insensitive. The use of regular expressions is also supported. --- Really need in this add-on for Maxthon. Any ideas?
  12. I still waiting this extention... No body can help?
  13. I do not want to comment on an old post, but this is also my question / concern. Especially, because of all the stuff I've witnessed first hand on Facebook.
  14. I have a Maxthon Community extension v1.0.2. Im currently using Maxthon, but if i upgrade this i lost that extension. So where to get that extension for newer Maxthon?
  15. Would someone consider making an extension that forces YouTube to play videos in flash instead of html5? Such as in this Firefox extension, or this Chrome extension.