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  1. modify search engines function does not work. v1400
  2. added video for ads. i use ublock origin. bookmarks menu works this time. bandicam 2020-05-08 16-49-40-976.avi
  3. boss key please. bookmarks menu crashes browser. ublock does not work on first load of page.
  4. 1. we want to "boss key" please. 2. ublock origin does not work on first load of page. i must refresh. 3. and browser crashes when open bookmarks. win7 home basic sp1.
  5. same thing happen on my work pc. i setup bandicam and mx6 has worked.
  6. i have setup bdcam and mx6 works now. there was black or blank screen when i click mx6 shortcut. taskbar icon and window frame was visible. thanks.
  7. hi. maxthon6 doest not work because of CAPI2 error 4107. i have looked to google and tried something but still not work. (windows 7 sp1 and new formatted)
  8. thanks for reply! i solve it. document.getElementsByTagName("html")[0].appendChild(stil); change 'head' to 'html' OK
  9. hello. i have an extension that injects css to a page. entryPoints parameter is "doc_start" and it works fast. it works at version but at version and above it does'nt works. it needs to change entryPoints parameter to "doc_end" or "doc_onload". and it works little bit slow. is there any way for work the extension at doc_start. ps: i tried "DOMContentLoaded", it works but still slow. manifest.json : "entryPoints": ["doc_start"] js file : var csss = "*{font-family: Verdana bla bla bla