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  1. modify search engines function does not work. v1400
  2. added video for ads. i use ublock origin. bookmarks menu works this time. bandicam 2020-05-08 16-49-40-976.avi
  3. boss key please. bookmarks menu crashes browser. ublock does not work on first load of page.
  4. same thing happen on my work pc. i setup bandicam and mx6 has worked.
  5. i have setup bdcam and mx6 works now. there was black or blank screen when i click mx6 shortcut. taskbar icon and window frame was visible. thanks.
  6. hi. maxthon6 doest not work because of CAPI2 error 4107. i have looked to google and tried something but still not work. (windows 7 sp1 and new formatted)
  7. thanks for reply! i solve it. document.getElementsByTagName("html")[0].appendChild(stil); change 'head' to 'html' OK
  8. hello. i have an extension that injects css to a page. entryPoints parameter is "doc_start" and it works fast. it works at version but at version and above it does'nt works. it needs to change entryPoints parameter to "doc_end" or "doc_onload". and it works little bit slow. is there any way for work the extension at doc_start. ps: i tried "DOMContentLoaded", it works but still slow. manifest.json : "entryPoints": ["doc_start"] js file : var csss = "*{font-family: Verdana bla bla bla"; var stil = document.createElement("style"); stil.type="text/css"; stil.innerHTML = csss; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(stil);