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  1. Maxthon did not behave like that, as I remember.
  2. The compression is lossy, when zoomed-in there are more artifacts and blur. 🙄 You cannot make a better picture by conversion, sometimes the file is not even smaller than original .jpg. This is not enhancement but forcing (probably) Google's photo standard. But what can we do, except to click several times more to get a picture.
  3. > Yes it doesn't save it as .jpg but when downloading it was OK> But for that site all other browser save it as .webp format too > I tried Firefox , Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi It's just an example, many sites behave like this. I guess all mentioned browsers are Chromium-based (including new MS Edge). Also, I guess this could be solved in "Save image as..." command since the original picture is available for download.
  4. Many sites with pictures, for example: https://www.the-sun.com/news/3739336/gabby-petito-appalachian-trail-brian-laundrie/ If you right-click a picture and select "Save as..." it's saved in .webp format. But if you copy the image address and download, it's in original .jpg format w/o lossy conversion.
  5. Why are some .jpg pictures now saved (from right-click menu) as .webp in lower quality?
  6. >Hi ZorMi, try to restart the browser then check this issue again, please. 😊 Nope, not working anymore. To go back to v6.0.1.2000 I must uninstall first 🙄 then rebuild the quick access screen and settings.
  7. > Maxthon Browser V6.0.1.3000 > ... > - Fixed the issue that the drop-down menu could not pop up As I can see, Maxthon V6.0.1.2000 for Android had this fixed, now in V6.0.1.3000 drop-down menus do not work again.
  8. As I remember, you can switch to that download folder (1st option) and then delete all downloaded files in MX menu.
  9. Thanks. One more issue for Android: Some drop-down lists cannot be opened in the Android version. For example on this page (I found several): https://nbs.rs/en/finansijsko_trziste/medjubankarsko-devizno-trziste/kursna-lista/na-zeljeni-dan/index.html Windows version opens drop-down list as usual, Android can not...
  10. Save Image As... was saving image to the Quick Save path, in Maxthon 5.3.8. and earlier.
  11. Yes, but that only works with the "Quick save images" Ctrl+click shortcut enabled (which is more useful for opening links in the background). When saving an image from the right-click menu, it goes to the download folder also. In version v5 it was saved to this (quick save images) folder, which is more convenient. We could set a separate location for images album.
  12. I know that. At least in Maxthon v5 pictures were (manually) saved to the configured quick save images folder, now images go to the same download folder.
  13. Can we be able to change the "Quick Save Images" hot key? Ctrl + click is already useful to open a link in the background tab (Shift + click in foreground).
  14. You don't have any icons in the lower part of the Quick Actions screen to scroll down after rotating to landscape. Here, all icons are visible w/o scrolling. I have 10 more icons down there and cannot scroll to them... (My phone: Samsung A70, latest Android 11 / OneUI 3.1.)
  15. New version is worse. We can choose the download path between two options: - Default: In this case I cannot find this location with any of my file managers, probably hidden/permission required... - SD Card (which I do NOT have installed): I this case, the downloads are saved to the previous location (.../Android/data/com.mx.browser/files/Download/) which can be reached with additional permission. I still cannot scroll after starting Mx upright and then rotating to landscape on the Quick Access screen. Auto-rotation is enabled in Settings. It works if I'm holding phone in landscape position when starting Mx.
  16. Yes, the downloaded files are in this folder: .../Android/data/com.mx.browser/files/Download/ However, this folder is initially protected, you have to allow access for your file manager, gallery app... My bug: when started in portrait mode and then rotated to landscape - scroll down does not work.