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  1. yes, this is a bug. It was already reported in the chat 👍
  2. @BugSir006 in the URL you have the ffollowing option: Which you could include into this guide (I think it is easier do achieve in 2 clicks rather than: 1On the top right, click the browser menu (Alt+F) > Settings > General > Default engine > Manage engines > Add search engine However at the moment I think it is broken because it redirects me to the Tabs submenu, instead of the edit search engines one.
  3. and here you have another of the reasons of why Maxnote >> Bookmarks.
  4. Here you have the crash report. I guess you only care about the last crash on the 2021-03-21, but since in your link you asked to attach all the folder.. here it is. reports.7z
  5. I didn't know about this app, inteerstitng... But what does it have to be with Maxthon?
  6. When using the new maxnote feature to add urls , I tried to use the new folder button first if fails in creating the folder, you can see I create it , and then when I reopen it, the folder is not there. And second, I managed to make MX6 crash ,, you can see in the video how it suddenly closes:
  7. can you explain me what is this feature: + Added the "paste and open" to shortcutsAnd how to use it? I don't see to find it Edit: I figured out. But I don't find it very useful, I still prefer to right click on the "+" sign to "paste and open" , that's one of my favs shortcuts in MX that few people know! Changing topic: does this button do something?
  8. This has already been requested a number of times. It is in the backlog.
  9. I understand your feeling @m007.... Here another user since 2000 when it was still called MyIE. From my point of view MX was the best browser of its time from myIE to MX5. It had a lot of innovation and they were trailblazers, with other browsers offering similar features (if any) always after maxthon did first. There were of course also dark times, I think it was MX3 which came at first with many bugs... but luckily it didn't last long . But I don't know what happened from 2019. Other browsers continued improving and MX became frozen: Both no improvements happening to MX5 and n
  10. wooow!! i see!! thank you!!! Feature request: add that option into the browser
  11. After inputting my password on a given site, the passkeeper popup appeared and by mistake I hit on the "do not remember my password never on this site" or whatever text it appeared. Now I want this site password to be recorded, but I know now how to undo the previous command. I know I still have the option to add the password manually in "accounts" by I wanted in "autosaved passwords". Thanks,
  12. Hi, A few weeks ago my company increased the network level of security; I can still access most of the sites on the internet however for some reason maxthon.com is now being blocked. I am not sure what criteria did my company use to decide which websites to block (of course all porn/malware, etc. sites are being blocked, but regular sites are not) so I am wondering what does maxthon.com have so that it is being blocked...? Any idea? And the worse part is not that, the worse is that as a result MX5 became crazy. Since they are blocking maxthon.com, when I open MX5 the tabs keep r
  13. Hi, Why do you need that bar? If you setup the default search engine as google you can just type in the address bar and it will search for you, same result. I always had that search bar hidden in MX5 because I didn't see the point of it taking space.
  14. I tried several times but I don't manage. I sign up, I receive the mail with the code, I input it and then when it goes to the screen asking for my user and password it just doesn't work...
  15. for all the spanish community: https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/forum/74-foro-oficial-en-español/
  16. No offense, just out of curiosity: what does make MX5 feel obsolete? I am as well still using MX5 until MX6 has a the Maxnote back to how it was in MX5; however I don't see any lack in MX5?
  17. Well, I guess that they had to choose Internal features vs External Features. I was very happy with MX5 and all its features , and I didn't need anything else. But I saw the community asking a number of times for support of Chrome extensions. So that's where Maxthon put the focus on. Now if you support an extension for translation it doesn't make sense to also develop an internal one. I agree with you , I liked more the internal translation tool MX5 had, but the Google Translator plugin is not that bad... and I understand they don't take the effort to do it again.
  18. why cannot you? The UI is not very intuitive there and at first I also thought I couldn't change it but at the end I managed.
  19. what do you mean? It works, you can perfectly use it. I am still using it too.
  20. +1 to this. Maxthon is now behaving like Chrome, but actually I always liked how MX5 was handling the last-visits better than Chrome.
  21. +1 to that, I would actually let only the Maxnote, since it is bookmarks+notes in one place. And the manager is actually more powerful and beautiful. See more here: +1