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  1. 1 hour ago, maccafan1 said:

    Another issue, perhaps bit bigger.

    Am on the downloaded  Version6.1.2.3600(64-bit)1112

    Google Drive is saying "You are using an old version of Chrome which will soon be unsupported" and prompts to download Chrome browser. 

    Am using Google Drive quite a bit and hope an update sorts this issue out.



    Try downloading the latest beta Google drive accepted it with me 

  2. On 11/20/2021 at 11:02 AM, MichaelC362 said:

    8. watching a video article on BBC's website, Maxthon crashed out, no errors, no messages, nothing & upon reloading, also no messages & didn't reload the previous tabs

    working ok here 

    On 11/20/2021 at 8:17 PM, alex31964 said:

    When updating on Release, all saved passwords disappeared When the PassKeeper web version is transition to restore from the backup. It is not possible to access the website webpage at https: https: //www.uu.me/password may be temporarily unavailable or constantly moved to a new address   ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE .How can I return all saved passwords

    down here too


  3. 10 hours ago, Perplexer said:

    Maxthon doesn't seem to be able to successfully load the website https://www.boschwiperblades.com
    In Chrome it loads normally.

    To reproduce:
    1. Go to https://www.boschwiperblades.com
    2. Accept cookies
    3. Accept/save profile settings
    4. See the "Loading..." circle spin indefinitely.

    Worked for me



    the second time I opened the site the circle kept spinning

    Edit 2
    Most browser took too long to open this site
    It will open but takes time with Maxthon too


  4. 2 hours ago, thereddevilrulez said:

    Here's how i update the portable version:

    Main Folder at C.\MaxthonPortable ; Extract maxthon_portable_6.1.2.3200_beta_x64.zip into C while overwriting chrome_proxy.exe and Maxthon.exe; After that, delete folder and run Maxthon.exe without touching anything else. So when something goes really wrong (like this version loses passwords access for guest) i then exited MX6 and extracted maxthon_portable_6.1.2.3100_beta_x64.zip into C,  while overwriting chrome_proxy.exe and Maxthon.exe; After that, delete folder and run Maxthon.exe without touching anything else. But this time x64 loses access to passwords as well. So i opened an old system backup and replaced the entire folder but lost some bookmarks and about a week of history but MX x64 is now able to access passkeeper. Hope this is clear enough.


    Also, +1 for MX5 style bookmarks scrolling.

    Have you tried installing
    Then copying user data before starting maxthon

  5. 17 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi S1v, I tried creating an account and login after that and I encountered the same error in MX6, Opera, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Maybe you would like to contact Adobe and find out the cause of the error?



    I have an adobe account and It gave me the same result with cent browser and firefox too

  6. 20 hours ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    Not for me.


    me too





    Still the zoom control with numeric keypad is not functioning

    All other browsers has it including all Chromium based ones

  7. 22 hours ago, ZorMi said:

    It's just an example, many sites behave like this.

    I guess all mentioned browsers are Chromium-based (including new MS Edge).


    Firefox is not a chromium based browser
    And I also checked that site with Internet Explorer not edge the chromium based browser
    All gave me the same result

    14 hours ago, Luisoff said:

    Someone would be so kind to check if searching for https://www.mozilla.org at https://www.google.com.ar/ using Maxthon Version (64 bit) 0924 gives them an error?
    Or if the error occurs also trying to view the web page https://www.mozilla.org?
    Thank you!



    Looks OK here no errors everything's fine

    5 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Hi Mhzayer, I guess you were using the numeric keypad, Ctrl+Num0/Num-/Num+

    Numeric keypad: A calculator-style block of keys, usually at the right side of a keyboard, that can be used to enter numbers.

    That is right. It used to work 
    so what happened?
    Why is it not working now?
    BTW: It works with all other browsers I tested on

  8. 8 hours ago, ZorMi said:

    Many sites with pictures, for example: https://www.the-sun.com/news/3739336/gabby-petito-appalachian-trail-brian-laundrie/

    If you right-click a picture and select "Save as..." it's saved in .webp format.

    But if you copy the image address and download, it's in original .jpg format w/o lossy conversion.

    Yes it doesn't save it as .jpg but when downloading it was OK
    But for that site all other browser save it as .webp format too 
    I tried Firefox , Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi

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  9. On 8/13/2021 at 1:16 PM, rambo said:

    Make new folder in Bookmarks (Add folder..)  - Let's say name it "suppliers" 

    Try to drag any bookmarked site to this folder (from root or any other folder)

    Expected result: you have "draged" website in new folder (suppliers)

    Actual result: You cant drag any other bookmarked website to new folder, while it is EMPTY.

    First you need to add to "suppliers" folder any website other way, and then (when it isn't empty) you can use drag method too. 


    dragged one and it worked 

  10. 6 hours ago, Rainman said:

    Nothing has changed: about 23 seconds (clocked) to open the tab. Until the tab opens, the browser freezes. bit)0730

    Windows 10 x64 19041

    May I ask why are you using the 32 bit version not the 64 bit?
    and BTW there is a newer version 

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  11. 6 hours ago, DONG DONG said:

    can u put a video for it ? I think I couldn't ..

    I meant how can I change to 999999?


    You can only set it to 999 only not more than that

    On 7/16/2021 at 7:03 AM, BugSir006 said:

    Hi Mhzayer, you could log in to uu.me then go to Passkeeper, check backup then restore the data.

    backup of Passkeeper.png

    I'm already logged in 
    I cannot find the password generator when there is a password filling form
    Try this 
    I went to acer.com
    tried to create an account
    in the form there isn't any suggestion for passwords like it used to be with MX5

    password generator.png

    here is Maxthon 5


    password generator in mx5.jpg

  12. What is the easiest way to export bookmarks
    I found it not easy 
    I had to go to 
    to export which is not available at hand 
    Could you please add import and export to the right click of the bookmarks toolbar
    And it is a good idea to add a shortcut to go to mx://bookmarks/ too

  13. On 5/10/2021 at 1:14 PM, buycrystalglasses said:

    Hi, To get started, open Chrome's settings by clicking the three dots at top-right. Click Search engine then Manage search engines, or go directly to chrome://settings/searchEngines . From here, you can add new search engines

    This won't work with maxthon 
    It will take you to mx://settings/