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  1. Yes, I'm Using The Latest one, But now It works.
  2. Why can't we zoom in the sidebar? Like it was in Maxthon 5?
  3. Will we ever be able to have this kind of thing again? Like translation and Google or open pages in the side bar .. I want to feel like I'm using MX5 again.. or won't feel the same thing that made me use Maxthon for the first time.. Even Pop up is not like MX5 but looks like Chrome... and this is something that makes me upset.. I like Maxthon as my favorite browser and I don't want its design to change to be like any other browser.. I want him to keep all the things that made me attracted to him in the first place. Thank you for your hard work~~~
  4. Yes I'm Using Latest one. https://makemefamous.club/allowpush.php twitter too.. Some websites not just those
  5. When I click on the push notifications it just disappears .. I want to open it by click but it just disappears ..
  6. I want screen capture that you can just click and it saved automaticly, Like Saved images by ctrl+Click..
  7. I hope the previous version of the Bookmarks page will come back, I like it more than this version.
  8. I Uninstalled the Browser And installed again And It works now ?
  9. I tried it already after update .. It happened after the update, not before.
  10. I have A problem In Yutube after Update ... I changed the language and dark theme for youtube, But it changed the language by it self and change to light theme .... The changes that I done never saved.