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  1. I saw this problem in this version and the previous ver too and
  2. The snap still not working to me, and the photos not work
  3. I hope you add side bar like mx5 .... I hope that mx6 be mix from mx5 and chrome .. not like chrome only and I hope you add mx5 translation here, i don't like this translation sorry for spam ...
  4. Why is there no translation like the one in Mx5 ?? The translation in Mx6 has not been updated since 2015 ... nor does it work as efficiently as the Mx5 translation. I hope that the translation will be updated or become like Mx5 .. so that Mx6 becomes a better browser!
  5. The night mood so dark ... why no sitting ??
  6. I want to know, will you put the side bar in the future updates or not ?? And, I hope you add this functions again
  7. You are right, My sister uses Vivaldi but really lacks some of the features in Maxthon Vivaldi is good browser but still missing a lot of options .. still maxthon the better