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  1. AndroidDeveloperLB's post in Maxthon doesn't allow to put spaces when replying in YouTube was marked as the answer   
    Oliver One replied at 2015-4-10 03:50
    Try with last portable version, no Maxthon account and without changing any settings!

    I actually don't use Maxthon account.
    Using the portable version worked , but now I wonder what causes it to happen.

    After disabling some stuff, I've found out that the GreaseMonkey script that's called "youTube center" is to blame, and I use it on Chrome too...

    Sadly, I really liked this script, as it has a lot of functions:
    1. allows to download videos (and even mp3). Maxthon used to do it, but it can't do it anymore for a long time.
    2. allows to stop all videos on other tabs if one already plays.
    3. allows to use flash instead of HTML5 (useful to allow Maxthon to make it float) even on embedded videos.
    4. skips ads.
    5. allows to set the default size of the player.