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  1. Please try to remove the Gmail Notifier and install again.
  2. + Added the setting for HTTPS non-secure origins - Fixed the crashes issue when launching Maxthon 5 via the external link - Fixed the issue that the shortcut letters could not be displayed in the international version when right-clicking on a link - Fixed the issue that the browser suggested you set it as the default browser when opening the HTML file - Fixed the crashes issue in XP system when launching Maxthon 5 - Fixed the issue that the print function could not work properly under some situations
  3. Hi Ryu, Could you provide the specific URLs and screenshots of this issue? Did you enable the Adblock?
  4. + The web page translation UI has been changed in Chinese version - Fixed some crashes - Fixed the issue that the selected word could not be translated properly
  5. Hi there, could you let me know the specific extension name?
  6. Spring Festival Holiday: Feb. 4 to Feb. 10.

    1. Chantao


      really short break

    2. BugSir006
    3. Chantao


      Do you know: We users are very spoiled: If there were 3 months of vacation, what do you mean how nice and kind after the user would be.

  7. This package contains : mx5skin_edge: Edge skin resource files. mx5skin_tabdown: Skin resource files of moving tab down. MxFilePackage: The tool of packing skin file. build.dat: Batch tool. mx5.mxskin: Output file after running build.bat doc\ Maxthon5_Skin.rar
  8. I will send the skin file to you via private message.
  9. Disabled but not reproduce... When I tried to snap the screenshot, it opened that function. I attached two pictures.
  10. Updates + Improved the UI of download manager + Improved the fill function of Gmail (Save the form manually) Bug Fixes - Failed to load the print page in ultra-mode - Failed to display the value of datalist of developer tools - Failed to log in to 163 email after disabling the cookies - The proxy settings couldn’t save the total characters
  11. Fixed the occasional crash of launching browser. Fixed the issue of failing to hide the sidebar.
  12. :Grinmacing_Face_Emoji_42x42::Grinmacing_Face_Emoji_42x42::Grinmacing_Face_Emoji_42x42:

    National Day Holiday: Oct 1 to 7

    Workday: Oct 8 

  13. Thank you all! I have sent the extension to them.
  14. This extension last updated on 10/23/2014, and it is not available for the latest Maxthon 5, the dev team has helped solve this issue, would you like to update it? If you don't contact us in two weeks, we will remove it from Maxthon extension center and upload by our official account. If you can reach this author please help let him/her know. Thank you!
  15. It hasn't tracked cookies and browsing history from Maxthon. If you have Fiddler, you could try to check it out and contrast with Chrome browser.
  16. Thank you for your feedback. The dev team has tested, it won't track request from Maxthon browser, and these aren't official extensions.
  17. - Optimized pre-rendering - Optimized the loading of Flash - Fixed the compatibility of webpage meet.google - Fixed the blurred font in the Quick App - Several websites cannot log into automatically - Download manager is empty after overwriting installation - Several devices load slowly when using hardware boost mode