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  1. Hi FB Purity maker, Thanks for posting and thank you 7twenty for reminding me here. We are really sorry for keeping you waiting so long. It is our honor to have you make and update extension for Maxthon. Since there's much feedback about extension approval process these days, I'll talk with my coworker about the process and make it a routine. Such as to make it every Tuesday and Friday the approval day. So it's apparent to all. And you don't have to worry and experience the hopeless waiting. Also, thank you @A.S. for this proposal in your blog. We'll have an internal meeting this Tuesday about this issue, and tell you our decision then. Sorry again for the waiting and will let you know our future plan about the approval routine soon!
  2. Hi newcomer, Welcome to Maxthon forum! There are loads of useful content here waiting for you to explore. We believe you can not only find the answers you're looking for, but also find out how helpful you can be. Firstly, you need to write your very first post here in this section by clicking the green button "start new topic" in the top right corner. In the first post, you can write anything you would like to tell us. We are looking for content like who you are, where you from, why you come, self-stories, how many years have you been using Maxthon, etc. Better not to report issues in your 1st post, we always approve very fast, so you can post your questions later in corresponding sections like MX4, MX5, etc. For urgent issues, please contact our tech supporters directly here. BTW, use SEARCH in the forum will help solve most of your problems. After your first post has been approved by our staff or admins, you will get more privileges automatically like access to more boards, permissions to post and reply topics, etc. Let's get the party started, shall we? Maxthon Forum Team 01-13-2017
  3. Thank you Tony for reminding me. I'll check with him/her soon, and during this period I'll hide this post. edit 20160112 Yoyoako has consent on this So please feel free to share them and also encourage you to the Chinese forum say thank you.
  4. Hi all, Here is a link from Chinese forum http://bbs.maxthon.cn/thread-348-1-1.html It's collection of skins for MX5 posted by the skin mods Yoyoako The first one can be applied to MX5, and others can be applied to MX4. The content contains the original post link and thumbnails for each skin. I just post here the link in case you may need it Hope someone from our forum can also generate a post like this
  5. Haha, great minds think alike! I have contacted their staff on Google extension center to see if it's possible to make it available on Maxthon as well, hope they will reply me soon
  6. Honestly, before I move to Maxthon I used Chrome. There is one extension on Chrome that I can hardly forget. That is Grammarly. English is my second language, How I wish someone from our community can create a similar extension!
  7. Hi all, In my personal opinion, the issue OP said truly needs a solution. Whether by adjusting the size of the address bar or by creating an option for add-ons to hide while enabled, needs to be discussed by our product managers. I believe they will come out a solution for this problem. Thanks for using MX5 and giving us feedback, we won't let you down.
  8. We are thankful for all the users we have, especially fans like YOU! Happy Thanksgiving and happy black Friday (wink)
  9. Hi there, iOS version will be launched in AppStore globally in near future. Will publish a post in News board when we launch it. Thanks for your attention!
  10. @Galileusz sorry that I deleted your post by mistake, since I saw there were two same posts, but after I deleting it, both of them are deleted. Sorry
  11. Hi all, This page is OK now, please help check it out Hi klear6, which versions would you like to test? PC, Android, and iOS? I suppose the survey you refer to is the iOS version?
  12. Sorry Tony for the misunderstanding. Let me clarify one point, we are not working on skins, we are designing themes. BTW, do you know who created and shared skins before and why they were deleted? But as I know, the self-made skins often cause some unexpected problems on the browser.
  13. Hi KILVa, our designers and developers are working on themes and skins now. While currently, you can search on this board and find some brilliant skins made by Maxthon fans! http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/forum/80-skin-extension/ Here is some useful information:
  14. Hi SL, what are these kind of files? Are they skins designed by users? Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. Hi all, we are developing the function to hide the sidebar through right click!
  16. BugSir006

    MX5 iOS

    Thank you all for walking along with us through Alpha and Beta version of MX5 Cloud Browser. Lots of meaningful feedback and suggestions are collected and accepted. Here are the records of changes we made and bugs we fixed for the Mobile version. MX5 is becoming better and better because of our efforts. We really appreciated your share and care:P Cheers!
  17. Thanks for your suggestion, dear. But it's quite strange, cause the page shows here like this:
  18. Judges Wanted for 2016 Maxthon Extension Hackathon Have you ever wanted to make yourself an extension to facilitate the inbuilt functions? Have you ever wanted to add a new function to your browser? Those moments must have shed some light on you about how to improve the user experience. They must have kindled the fire in your heart to make an ideal extension. Thus, as an ambitious developer and a perfectionist, you are so welcome to join the cause with us to make browsing a pleasant and efficient thing. Maxthon is holding the 2016 Maxthon Extension Hackathon soon. And we make this event because we want to inject fun, comfort, and ease to browsing again, in Maxthon. We are now looking for three judges for this competition. Judges should be influencers in this industry or interested in changing people's browsing experience by using creative extensions. Judging period is scheduled in the week after participators' submission deadline. Please contact us with a cover letter if you and your friends are interested! Our email address: market@maxthon.com
  19. Hi Secret-HQ, Thanks for asking. The answer is yes, it's correct. We apply another versioning system for the official release versions, and thus mobile versions are on the same track of PC versions. Hope this will help you understand.
  20. Maxthon Browser releases official MX5 PC, Android, and iOS versions today! Their changelogs and download links are here: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes5/ Thanks for everyone's feedback and support for MX4, and MX5 alpha and beta, we fixed a lot of bugs and made many improvements. Now, we release the official versions MX5 (V, V 5.0.1, and V 5.0.1) ! Welcome to give us feedback still in "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area. Here is the "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area link: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/forum/95-mx5-beta-version-discussion/ Our professional admins and moderators will help you and deal with issues. Let's make Maxthon browser better together! Notice: We withdraw iOS version from AppStore temporary, since there appears a function needs to be optimized furtherly. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, and please stay stuned for the return. Thank you all for your interest!
  21. Hi Ldfa, Our staff has helped to check your account and found no issue. So could you please try to sync again and see? Please feel free to contact me if it still does not work.
  22. Hi Ldfa, Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you PM me your registered email address, so that our developers can help to check in server data. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi Chris, Sorry that I don't quite understand what do you mean by "vignettes images". Could you give me a screenshot of them? Are you talking about favorite icons or the square tiles in QA page?
  24. You can also download from our official website: http://www.maxthon.com/beta/