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  1. This update fixed the following issues: -Enhanced browser's stability -Optimized the program installation background picture -Optimized the login background picture -Fixed the issue of not naming the microphone device on web pages correctly -Fixed the issue of switch core available in new tab under special cases -Fixed the issue of the information icon lost on status bar under special cases -Fixed the issue of the filter number displayed abnormal on ABP feature -Fixed the issue of auto-fill disabled on IE8 and its lower version under retro mode -Fixed the issue of can't see the form content clearly after auto-fill on hxxps://signin.gatehub.net/ -Fixed the issue of the scroll bar on Download Manager displayed abnormal
  2. Changelog: -Optimized log in and register process -Fixed the bug of can't jump to the third party applications normally
  3. Changelog: -Adapted to IPhoneX
  4. Have already told the person who responsible for extension auditing. Please wait in patient
  5. Bug fixed: -Fixed a bug that could cause crash
  6. @FB Purity Thanks for your long-term support and uploaded extensions here and sorry for the long waiting Actually, all of us have a long holiday so that we delayed in the auditing the extensions.The extension center staff will check the new extensions now!
  7. The new UA pushed yesterday, and I have just tested, the music plays with Maxthon UA in ultra mode. Please try to back up the data and re-log in your account. 1)Win+R,and input %appdata%, find the Maxthon5 folder. 2) Re-name the Maxthon5 folder 3)Re-log in the MX account Does it work?
  8. Spotify has been pushed UA online, It should be back to normal, please test and give feedback~ And don't forget to restart the browser before test~
  9. The reason is under analysis..Will give feedback if there is progress
  10. Changelog * Added Passkeeper SMS verification feature * Fixed the issue of abnormal display of Passkeeper under offline condition * Optimized browser performance * Improved stability & fixed potential memory issues and problems that could lead to collapse
  11. This update enhanced the stability and performance of MX5 browser: - Share feature added in Maxnote - Optimized data import feature - Optimized browser performance, reduced memory usage and hence reduced jam - Fixed certain bugs that may cause crashes
  12. Thank you for liking Maxthon! And you are welcome to post your questions in the corresponding sections
  13. I'll check this with our developer. So :root (css). is a kind of HTML format selector? But I doubt that Maxthon will change at this point just to support one theme from an extension. So if there is any alternative to the extension or the theme, I hight suggest you change the extension.
  14. Oh, finally I figure out what are you talking about. I tried to install "clear dark Facebook" using the Stylish extension, while the "install" process never starts after clicking. So I then tried "install style as userscript", the install succeed, while no change for the facebook theme. And it popped up the warning saying @grant issue. I'm wondering how can Maxthon help in this case with the info provided that the author had so solution either?
  15. Thx Rob, I thought it was from ViolentMonky, didn't expect it from Stylish haha. I'll download it and have a try.
  16. where can I find this script and have it installed?
  17. Hey Rob, could you help provide a screenshot with "update" button showing so I can compare yours and FB Purity's. Thanks in advance. And for this, I apologize.
  18. Do you have a link for it? Or the name of the extension?
  19. So it could be an account issue? @FB Purity could you provide your account and PW to the extension center so I can let our web team have a check?
  20. True, same here. And I got this pop-up, is that the same as yours?
  21. Hi A.S. I've talked with our PM on this issue. And you are right. We found that 20*20 and 40*40 fit MX5 better, so the PM will make Maxthon5 extract 32 and 48 pics to be shown on the toolbar for now to ensure the clarity, so developers like you don't have to worry about the work. Our designer and chief technician are discussing the standard now, they will draw a new one and will be published on forum and extension center in future. Thanks again for telling us this issue and sorry for the trouble.