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  1. I think it's time to stop repeating the same thing over and over and over and over. They know there's a problem and we have to give them time to respond. In the mean time, if it really is a concern, stop using Maxthon and use another browser. Most who are posting are still using Maxthon in spite of the problem, so apparently it's not all that serious.
  2. Leo29jl replied at 2015-2-24 09:41 En la barra lateral se pueden colocar la páginas como favoritas? Porque en versiones anteriores se ... Desafortunadamente, en estas ultimas versiones, no se puede colocar favoritos en la barra lateral.
  3. Leo29jl replied at 2015-2-24 07:37 Creo que es eso, pero entro en http://www.seriesflash.com y me salen la opciones de reproducir en ve ... Es que tienes que empezar el video. 11970 Y en YouTube, solamente en Retro Mode puedes usar Flash. YouTube nos esta forzando usar HTML5.
  4. odyssee replied at 2015-2-24 07:11 yes you're right, it should be a priority.... Been reported for years. Just another sign that they just don't give a damn.
  5. Leo29jl replied at 2015-2-23 22:55 Si ahí te muestro ¿Estas tratando de bajar vídeos de YouTube? La Barra Flotante estará disponible con vídeos Flash solamente y no con HTML5. ¿Puede investigar como esta viendo los vídeos o puede ver en otro sitio con vídeos Flash?
  6. hossam-poc replied at 2015-2-23 15:21 for example ; page zoom % , Open on startup I have several pages that open on start and I just set my zoom level to 150% and closed and opened Maxthon several times and it remained at 150%. After you change those settings, make sure you close the re-open Maxthon. If that doesn't work, I suggest a clean install.
  7. ¿Tienes activado la Barra de vídeo flotante? 11967
  8. I says it's loading a language which is changing the keyboard layout.
  9. I know. I think this has been reported for ages, but again, ignored. I'm wondering if they are looking at the underlined dates and think there is history there or if they are actually clicking on the dates. I know it sounds silly, but you never know. ;P
  10. Ohke replied at 2015-2-21 08:00 If you find any names like this, in your Installed Programs and also under your Trusted Certificate ... I have a lenovo Desktop and there are no certificates on this machine running Windows 10 Technical Preview 9926 and no installed software either, so it is Maxthon that is giving me a false positive.
  11. 11940 Even though the date is underlined, there is no local history for that date. 11941 Date clicked on and date showing do not match on Local history. 11942 Anything before Feb. 14th is non-existant and I do not clear my history and never have. This is the Online History
  12. Online history does not work so don't depend on it. It's been a problem for a long time and nothing is done about it.
  13. RagingRaven replied at 2015-2-19 18:52 Seeing as I forgot, my browser versions: Maxthon: IE: 11.0.9600.17633 Unfortunatly, China is on holiday until the 24th so nothing will be done, probably, until then.
  14. Confirmed. But will have to wait until China gets back from Holiday. They will be gone until the 24th of February.
  15. pepsimus replied at 2015-2-13 12:05 can i ask why they dont include it in new releases?. They were receiving flack from the video sites.
  16. Marcos Previato replied at 2015-2-12 05:28 Today, 08:30 rest the same 9 hours to level 8, see bug is in time synchronization Thnx for help! Also, if you let your computer go to sleep, time will not accumulate.
  17. Marcos Previato replied at 2015-2-11 14:59 really the registration was made on this day, but I used the browser there are three weeks before th ... Than you used the browser without signing in to your Passport Account, which will not accumulate hours.
  18. Yes, AdBlock Plus is now a legitimate Extension for Maxthon Cloud Browser.
  19. Marcos Previato replied at 2015-2-10 04:59 I'm saying the hours logged in the browser, I am new user in maxthon actually just met this last mon ... You registered on January 28th, that is only 14 days. Yesterday you showed 37 hours and today you show 39 hours. It appears to be updating properly. My online time has updated by one hour, which is correct.
  20. Shows you have been online 37 hours. What makes you think that is not correct? It is not updated immediately, so maybe that has something to do with it. Mine shows 16,789 Hours online so we will see what it says tomorrow and go from there.
  21. magg replied at 2015-2-6 18:27 Try to change Default encoding/ Encodage par defaut to another one - for example to "Western". You ... My default encoding is set to UTF-8 and I don't have the problem he is experiencing. And my install was installed over previous 3 installs.
  22. MrChat replied at 2015-2-5 15:24 I hoped to see it fixed in, which is major bug fixes release. But it still not fixed. Any ... Let me see if I can get some attention to this.