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  1. Thank you for your quick answer I looked the page you gave me and empty http://my.maxthon.com/mydevice.htmlIn Device Management page I can see my PC's but I cannot see any history (My latest backup date is 10 May 2014) "It looks that I can go back forever, but unfortunately I delete my history every now and then so i can't tell you how long maxthon keeps it." In your online history, you can go back forever and you cannot see your local history because you delete your history every month. Did I understand correctly?
  2. Hi friends Do Maxthon keep our history web pages forever? I want to keep my history like Internet Explorer and I don't want to let web browser delete history automatically. In Internet Explorer, default history days to keep is 20 days and can be increased until 999 days almost 3 years) I set it as 999 days. In Firefox (after 3. version) and Chromium, unfortunately I wasn't able to set history days. I had installed Firefox in November and after I realized that Firefox had deleted my November history Thank you for your help.