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  1. To Karajan : Hi, I used the installed version -but now I'm back to 1400. With regards
  2. To Bugsir006 Hi, the answer to the question "bookmarks or the Quick Access in New tab" is : Quick Access in new Tab ! Bookmarks are OK! Hoping for an answer but please no WOW! MartinB
  3. Hi, Quick Access in new Tab ! Bookmarks are OK! Regards:MartinB
  4. Hi, just installed 1500 - but after sync all my favorites are gone !!!!! Then back to 1400 !
  5. OK, will try it with Max-Portable; just installed And _: Thanks for the hint! Regards: MartinB
  6. Hi, look at this : # ???? With regards : Martinb
  7. Hi, is SYNC possible?? Hoping for an answer., With regards : MartinB
  8. Hi,

    is there a completion date of Maxthon 6 ?? Looking forward to an answer!

    With regards : Martin

    1. BugSir006


      Hi Martin, I can not confirm the specific date. But we will release the beta version as soon as possible, probably in this month.

    2. MartinB


      Thanks for Your answer !

  9. last century ???? But now without fun: I cannot imagine that the new browser version on win7 runs. With greeting!
  10. WHO IS WORKING FOR/WITH win7 home basic sp1 ?????
  11. Hi, I don't see the recommendation to take Pale Moon. In my opinion, Maxthon 6 should be waited for. Otherwise, I recommend the following articles.
  12. odyssee replied at 2015-4-5 13:21 no idea what it means, but you get it for some softs and not for others. and I don't get the mes ... Hi, Yes, that's it : Changed into Retro-mode - and then there is no error-message !! Thank You !!!!!!! With regards : Martin
  13. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-4-5 11:20 It is no longer considered safe and they recommend you download another email client. Hi, look, with the following statement the error-message is the same : So I think, the error is inside Adblock , or ....? With regards : Martin
  14. Oliver One replied at 2015-4-5 09:01 This software is no longer supported, and an exploit was found in it! ... Thanks for Your answer. But with another program I got the same message - here's the link : The message results - so I think - with Adblock and the domain Chip -or???? When I used IE there are no messages! Hoping for an answer. With regards : Martin
  15. Hi, here's the link or : and then do the DOWNLOAD ! Hoping for an answer. With regards : Martin
  16. Hi, in the last days i got often the message Kann diese Adresse nicht öffnen Dem Protokoll chrome-extension ist kein Programm zugeordnet Translate : Can not open this address To the protocol chrome-extension is no program associated Is there anybody who can help? Thanks in advance : Martin
  17. Thanks for Your answer and solution : I got it !! With regards : Martin
  18. Hi, how I can activate Addblock-Plus??? Thanks for Your answer. With regards : Martin
  19. Hi, I want installk Linux-Mint on an old Laptot (Lenovo T40) : so which Maxthon-Version should I download - and has ther anybody experience with that Maxthon-Linux-version? Hoping for an answer. With regards : Martin
  20. Very interesting - and there is no possibilty to delete the obsolete entries?????? no trick? maybe somebody has an idea! With regards: Martin
  21. Ohke replied at 2015-1-26 08:26 Press Settings > Favorites > choose Export Favorites > save them as a HTML file and put it in your ... Hi, and thanks fo Your solution - Yes I'll do it on this way! With best regards : Martin
  22. Hi, I have a lot of favorites (too much) - but I don't want to delete them all. But when I'm starting with Maxthon (= execute Max.) I want to load only a few favorites - and when it is necessary then load some other librarys (containing favorites). How can I manage this? Hoping for Your solution (answer) With regards : Martin
  23. furkanavshar replied at 2014-12-28 02:25 Hi MartinB (: You can add this URL to Search Engine list: Hi, yes, thats better ! Thanks and regards : MartinB