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  1. Magg, of course I have done that, but I have no Proxy configured in IE, I don't use that infamous browser, besides as yona told you it is not even near as good or useful as Hola or any other of the proxy extensions available for other browsers, which let you choose countries, proxy servers and deactivate it as you need it, all of this very automated and with one or two clicks.
  2. Hello, I wanted to say that the main reason I'm not using Maxthon is because I don't feel secure on the Internet, I preffer to access certain websites through a proxy server, I've used some extensions in my Chromium-based web browser, but I have not this option in Maxthon Browser, how can I do? One of the extensions is Hola, it is available in Chrome and IE, Is there a way I can install it in Maxthon?