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  1. there's a trash bin top right of the window
  2. this search extension is supposed to work with google search, not search in the page, I can't figure out how it could be related with your issue, but who knows. anyway if you remove it, it will be back next update, and since it's enabled by default, I would just leave it there but disabled !
  3. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/help-page/ in english
  4. you won't get this picture using maxthon, that's the issue ! just test the link above with another browser and wait( loading takes a long time), and you should get this screen, using maxthon you will get a warning instead
  5. thank you... maybe I should get a facebook account to be informed
  6. Did you find this information on Facebook ? (there's nothing about such a way to upgrade VIP status in the FAQ)
  7. please the rules are the same for you, me and everybody here, your forum status is linked to your post count, being a translator has nothing to do with it. about the VIP status, I had to register to get mine too, the same way you did, and with the same rules. The difference if there's any, is that I visit this place several times a day, therefore I saw the announcement as soon as it was published and I got a vip 3 level. I'm not sure which level you got since your post is from june19 th (4 days after the start) If your not happy with what you get, send a complaint to an admin, but honestly I would not dare to complain for something I get for free... anyway at the moment no one knows exatcly what these status are about.
  8. http://neat-escape.com/game/1718/ it takes forever to load, but then it works fine in Edge, does not work in maxthon : ultra mode see below, retro same issue using Edge :
  9. when you rename a file, (for instance add .sav to it, ie "history.dat.old"), maxthon will no longer be able to use it, and will recreate a new one by syncing with the online history. If the new file is the one you need, you can delete the old one, if not, delete the new and restore the old one by removing ".old". lastabs .dat files are the last session files, they are not history files. At this point I can't help more, I dont know exactly what other files are for. Maybe 7Twenty or Joemax know ? unfortunately, if nothing works, then you must accept that you lost a part of your history, rename the whole folder, and sync your online history. Online history stores the last 2 weeks ( by design)
  10. important thing is we know now that your history is there, but there's probably a corrupted file in it (hence the missing files in online history ?). IMO you have 2 options : but someone else will probably have a better idea use the "about:history" when needed or rename your history folder which is here : C:\Users\**you**\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\*****@***.****\History, maxthon will retrieve the online files. (I think I would try to rename the files inside this folder one by one to find out which one is corrupted.)
  11. 1 try to perform a clean insall 2 some videos are unsupported see here : 3 try to preform a clean install 4 same as above and magic fill password is the same as your passport password http://my.maxthon.com/changepwd.html
  12. type "about:history" into address bar then "online history" or directly http://history.maxthon.com/History
  13. if all Bugs register 10000 times each (wich makes 20 days if you count 1 mn per registration and time for sleep) yes we may reach the 100000 on july 10th !
  14. at the moment, Maxthon for linux is not updated. You may try this workaround : Maxthon 4.9 in Linux with Wine
  15. no, not at all... Maxthon will not prompt you to open any webpage if you set it as your default browser. do you know what UAC is ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_Account_Control and file association ? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-file-open-program#1TC=windows-7 as an example, if you don't set any browser to default, windows will ask you which application you want to open html files, and each time you will try to open an html file windows will prompt you again. Setting it as default will tell windows : always open those files with maxthon, don't ask me again.
  16. No, you don't have to pay anything, maxthon is free, the VIP status offers you some additional privileges for free for the year to come. the content of these packages is unknown at the moment.
  17. I originally added some sites to the quick access tab, and it knows to use the icon of the website (i.e. the stylized V for The Verge). But recently I had to reinstall Maxthon (it's still, I didn't update to a newer version) so I had to re-add all the quick access sites. But now it'll only show the words rather than the icon. Is there still any way to make the quick access tab show the site icons instead? I'm thinking about downgrade to 4.0.x to add the quick access sites, then update to 4.4.0 again. But I'm hoping there's a better way. Thanks. By awdrifter
  18. just installed it, unfortunately it does not work (at least with maxthon 4.9.3)
  19. I tried with different browsers, I can't see any difference, video is smooth here.
  20. and you will not be prompted by windows UAC
  21. passport and forum status are 2 different things, your forum level is related to your post count here (20), we all started from scratch 2 years ago when the forum engine was changed. I also think that a selection based on passport levels would have been fairer...