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  1. Video playback is broken in this version. Try this link https://pikabu.ru/story/medved_napal_na_kota_8762145 (it plays only if u open video directly in separate window https://cs14.pikabu.ru/video/2022/01/14/1642167670255892603_576x620.webm). Reverted to previous version and all works fine!
  2. Is there are any auto open file after download finished like in Chrome or Edge (when u click on downloading file) implemented and if not then why?
  3. 98.0.4739.0 is the latest stable Chromium now.
  4. When I hover mouse to the link on Last session in MX5 I can see a page adress in status bar but in MX6 there are nothing showing.
  5. Is User Agent changing is planning to add in MX6 settings since some sites says that I'm using outdated browser? I know about this topic but I'd better use official solution...
  6. Hi! Here is the video from MX5 https://workupload.com/file/ukN73NJUhwM In MX6 I can't do same actions since pressing on the cross sign do nothing...
  7. When I open (click on) some item from Last session it becames disabled from the list. In MX5 was possible to enable it again by pressing to the cross at the left of the link. Can you please make it the same?
  8. I'm using portable. Tried to disable extentions (including Adblock) and Avast web screen, in all previous versions of Mx 2, 3 and 4 there were no such a bug (marked red color). I'm not using Mx account.
  9. В походу были у разрабов потуги починить качалку, но они закончились не совсем удачно :lol.
  10. 9353309 replied at 2014-11-8 19:24 В хреново работает качалка. На некоторых файлах ... В воз и ныне там. Они фиксить проблему собираются?
  11. В хреново работает качалка. На некоторых файлах доходит до 99% и никак не хочет качать дальше. Вот (для примера) ссылка на проблемный файл https://yadi.sk/d/4vaUmIPlbWHrE