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  1. In this version it works fine, thanks! But history still shows last 3 days and my download button is bugged (opens only with right mouse click even after I cleared all download list and restarted MX6!).
  2. I'm dunno if this is issue for u so I've asked 1st... When I click manage passwords (see screenshot below) it redirectcs to this page mx://password/guest.htm where all MX6 passwords stored and since I've logged in MX6 I thought it should ask me a password as it was before in earlier versions of MX6. Also clicking Passkeeper button on quick access page leads also to mx://password/guest.htm. It seems that MX6 thinks that I'm a guest and behaves so but in settings shows my nickname and that data was synced today... Btw I'm using portable version 0508.
  3. I dunno if it's a bug or feature but when u click manage passwords button on a site where u previously saved it then u can see MX6 passwords without entering ur personal MX6 password.
  4. I have about 50 entires and my download button bugged completely (earlier it was fixed by MX6 restart). I can open download manager now only by mouse right click on download button and press "Downloads".
  5. 1) Yes, I've did exactly as u said and that lead to crash of all MX6 extensions. But after MX6 restart extensions are back. 2) Yes, 20 tabs maybe at same time (from last session) didn't waited to load all pages then close MX6 and got a bug... But this doesn't happens very much just sometimes randomly so it's kinda hard to reproduce. But I found another way to get this bug - open new blank page (where quick access shows), close last session page and u lost both last sessions (last + earlier) and get blank page at next MX6 start. P.S. Btw I can't change download button place. Earlier it was near bookmark this page button and now near settings button. Also download button freeze bug still exists when download list doesn't open and I've just downloaded 1 file (7z installer 7z2102-x64.exe). And u didn't anything about history bug (already 2 people confirmed it besides me) when it shows 2 or 3 last days only! I ask to show again proofs (screenshot) that u have working history with at least full week of entires!
  6. Manually updating from 801 portable to this crashed all extensions permanently... Also I tired of getting sometimes blank page at start instead of last session - fix this please (happens when there a lot of tabs before closing MX6)!
  7. I'm using portable. Tried to disable extentions (including Adblock) and Avast web screen, in all previous versions of Mx 2, 3 and 4 there were no such a bug (marked red color). I'm not using Mx account.
  8. В походу были у разрабов потуги починить качалку, но они закончились не совсем удачно :lol.
  9. 9353309 replied at 2014-11-8 19:24 В хреново работает качалка. На некоторых файлах ... В воз и ныне там. Они фиксить проблему собираются?
  10. В хреново работает качалка. На некоторых файлах доходит до 99% и никак не хочет качать дальше. Вот (для примера) ссылка на проблемный файл https://yadi.sk/d/4vaUmIPlbWHrE