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  1. Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.600 Released 04/02/2021 Key Changes + Added site settings (cookies, permissions) + Added the option to update the beta version
  2. Portable version can't get auto-update? "Version Maxthon 6 browser is up to date Update Automatically keep my Maxthon 6 up to date"
  3. When I cancel download before actual downloading process (when MX6 asks where to save a file) it shows in download list like Failed. Is it possible to turn off such behavior?
  4. Thanks, but it would be better if it was like in MX5. Btw in MX5 in downloads list I could get file link from it but in MX6 there are no such an option?
  5. I hope that in MX6 I could just open needed me file instead of downloading how it was made in MX5.
  6. Thanks! Just forgot to add s% in the end since in MX5 I managed to use it without this world.
  7. Not working (did exactly as u wrote it). Also deleted even all engines except 1 default and 1 mine and can't choose it. Btw I'm using portable version but don't think this is matter...
  8. Another bug. I've added search engine "Google2" but can't add it because it doesn't appear in "Default engine" list even after browser restart.
  9. This settings setup clears also browsing history but I don't want this so fix it please .
  10. Is there are possible to enable (or implement if possible) same open last session page after browser launch behavior like in MX5 settings? I can add last session page auto open in MX6 by making it start page but behavior will be different anyway (in MX5 if I close browser with opened pages they will be added to last session keeping old items in it but in MX6 after closing browser it keeps only curent closed pages but deletes old items in last session).
  11. Thanks for Resource Sniffer! And btw if I'm good with MX5 is it worth to go to MX6 or better wait for final (not beta) version?
  12. I'm using portable. Tried to disable extentions (including Adblock) and Avast web screen, in all previous versions of Mx 2, 3 and 4 there were no such a bug (marked red color). I'm not using Mx account.
  13. В походу были у разрабов потуги починить качалку, но они закончились не совсем удачно :lol.
  14. 9353309 replied at 2014-11-8 19:24 В хреново работает качалка. На некоторых файлах ... В воз и ныне там. Они фиксить проблему собираются?
  15. В хреново работает качалка. На некоторых файлах доходит до 99% и никак не хочет качать дальше. Вот (для примера) ссылка на проблемный файл https://yadi.sk/d/4vaUmIPlbWHrE