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  1. I can also confirm that it works! Thank you and the development team!
  2. Thank you, but now I'm having the same as migel and No.1 - it opens now, but no way to login (or sign up)
  3. I've no problem accessing the Passkeeper in browser, the only thing that is not working is the web version for the purposes of restoring disappeared passwords: If I synchronize from there, nothing changes. If I synchronize on my old computer, all the passwords get lost and only the 5 that I have on the new computer remain. No problem transferring "Private notes" though
  4. Cannot access uu.me for the purposes of restoring many lost Passkeeper passwords. Passwords were lost when setting up MX on a new computer and copying all user data from old computer. When trying to open web version of Passkeeper (uu.me or uu.me/password, it only tries to download 3kb file. Same behaviour on .3.500 and 2.3600 If I turn on MX on my old computer, it almost immediately synchs and all my passwords are gone again. What's the best way to restore them?
  5. Hello,

    I didn't want to create a new thread for such a minor thing, but I wanted to inform you that on Mx the Feed Reader suddenly became white. It still works fine, but the very pleasant (and traditional for RSS feeds) orange bars and separators got replaced with white ones. Would it be possible to revert this change (or allow customization)?

  6. Personally, I use "Online Translate" addon (http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=1511) It allows translating the page without leaving it (like Chrome's), has Google and Bing translator for entire page and 2 different dictionaries for words. The disadvantage of it is that for some reason it refuses to work on some websites (Maxthon forum, ironically, is a good example).