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  1. Google censorship as in not letting media scanners/rippers work on Youtube is a fine example of what I am saying. On other browsers I've mentioned you do not have to worry about this issue and you do not have to suffer what Google wants. A million flies eat dung but do you? So why would I be impressed by the Google store extensions when the majority of them are in truth useless like most others out there.
  2. If Maxthon was to use extensions I would hope they'd go the route of Opera where by you are not restricted to Google censorship only. Maxthon should write their own and let you choose which you want to add
  3. The answer to MXnitro problems is quite simple and it was the original idea from Opera. What is it? Well you offer a barebones browser but you also offer your own extensions to add power to the browser how you like. Opera didn't do any of their own extensions at the time only third parties. That is how I would do with Nitro. Personally I'd further tart up Maxthon 4 and correct the lagging issues on some sites and with multiple tabs. I'd also look at doing a 64-bit Maxthon 4/5. If Maxthon could sort those few issues add a couple of extra features then it would be very good. For the time being I've gone back to Opera 27 Beta until the bug's fixed in 28 Developer.
  4. loooping8 replied at 2014-12-19 21:53 My test result with Mx Nitro : What processor, ram, graphics and OS you using? I've noticed the new Yandex alpha and the new Opera 28 Developer have lowered their scores from the 4000 range to the 3300 on my 2.6Ghz iCore5 6G HD4000 Windows 8.1 machine. Cheetah from Kingsoft still kicks out a whooping 4236 and Maxthon 4 is around 4100. I'm using the Opera 27 beta at the moment which kicks in around 3900 (using it as 28 Developer has a bug where it crashes when you try to use the 'find' feature during source code viewing).
  5. Since going back onto Opera last night I noticed today that Opera 28 Developer (Chrome/41.0.2236.0) was released so I upgraded my version. On Peacekeeper although it looked fast, it did score lower than the previous 27 version with a score of 3287 instead of 3900. I've had to go back to the Opera 27 beta because the source code 'find' function is broke and crashes the damn browser.
  6. Dark_D!ver replied at 2014-12-18 02:20 I have an AMD FX-8350 CPU, GeForce GTX 970, 16GB RAM and Samsung 940 Pro SSD for system partition. I ... Your chipset isn't as much as a spyware from hell as the Intel processors. Do some study on the evils of the Intel Vpro spy-chips from hell but I'm sure AMD have a version. I'd much rather have the Russian quad-core ARM chipset which is coming soon for security against the NSA/GCHQ/FiveEyes. I have a dreaded Intel iCore5 2.6Ghz with a normal HD, 6GB and integrated HD4000 so I can imagine what is possible with desktop versions of the processor and good graphics cards. My problem with graphics cards is that many now use fans and waste wattage. It is interesting how my mobile iCore5 with integrated graphics HD4000 is far faster than your machine. I fear upgrading mine because the new chipsets are more about lowering Ghz to save energy. I will wait for a while but the next will be fanless probably meaning a further downing of speed compared to mine. Now we have browser companies forcing us over to wasting more juice and resources we truly do not need. I want to visit a website for a news article which should use no resources but now its all HTML5 intensive and the adverts, silly extras etc all want to hammer my PC and browser. Its all getting pathetic and hindering the web in my eyes, plus I find many of the themes are just looking silly. I have a website and I use the lightest themes, virtually no plugins and its a good font text that is all, people have no issues with my site. Internet Explorer has some incredible speeds at times and it is very light on resources at least with just a few tabs open. I love how little resources it uses for video-streaming. Internet Explorer 12 needs to have an extension feature like the other browsers and some good things built in like Maxthon or better. If it can sort itself out then it could very easily become the top dog browser and I would switch in a blink of an eye. I hope they make some serious improvements in Internet Explorer 12 on Windows 10. MXnitro is far from interesting its a useless project to start with. Maxthon would have been much better off making a loaded Chrome or not bothering. Ideally they should spend their time on Maxthon 4,5,6 and trying to get rid of some of its lagging.
  7. I never use Mozilla builds they are always way too slow on benchmarking and I have no problems at all with PCXFireFox, LawlietFox or Tete. Palemoon is based on the old Firefox engine so its lacking but probably works far better than any old Firefox. Waterfox is a bit of a waste of time kind of like NXnitro and so is Cyberfox except the latter is customizable or was. I would never use Chromium because its too resource heavy therefore I will always use Maxthon 4 or PCXfirefox if not then I might go to Internet Explorer 11 down to resources you see. Believe me I do not base everything on benchmarks I power use my browsers sometimes having a minimum 30 tabs open and the highest was 266 tabs in a slightly older Chromium based Opera.
  8. That method never worked for me and the way I posted again does work just means you hav to do it manually each time but it suits me.
  9. The correct way to fix such a problem is to go into you c:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash within there you right click and copy the NPSWF32_15_0_0_223.dll or whatever version it is (do not just drag and drop otherwise you'll lose this file from where you dragged from). Now paste that file in the C:\programfiles\maxthon\core\webkit\npplugins folder. Delete the other lower version dll that is present and restart Maxthon and now all will work perfectly. http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-13571-1-1.html
  10. What chipset is your PC because on my iCore5 laptop PCXFirefox x64 absolutely blasts the competition coming in at 4866 whilst others at best can be 4200 usually 3600-4100 range. If you want to find a fast x86 browser then try the TeTe Atelier firefox browser now that will score me 3900-4000 so imagine what that guy might do if he worked with 64bit browsing like PCX. Now I tried to get the new Lawlietfox last night which is 34.0.1 but I found it had a virus on it and wouldn't even execute so be careful with it if anyone downloads it and check with multiple virus checkers first. It seems that only PCX keeps up quickly with the latest Mozilla builds. When you did your Peacekeeper test did you make sure most other programs were switched off etc and that you only used one tab etc? Just to make sure its to the full. PCX is very fast but like all Firefox is can be prone to a slight lag but its usually far less than Maxthon 4. What you have to remember is that both Maxthon 4 and PCX use very little resources, PCX uses a slight bit more than Maxthon 4. So yes Nitro may be smoother browsing but it hogs the resources to do it. Now if I want to read four articles on a particular website and I open up four tabs I do not want my fan bellowing just to do that especially as the site is nothing fantastic with no videos etc. I can open numbers tabs on some sites with Maxthon 4 and know my fan won't even kick in and on PCX it would be minimal. If I tried the same on MXnitro my fan would bellow like an organ at an orchestral meeting in Vienna. I like the smoothness of Opera, Yandex, Cheetah but I just do not want the resource hogging of the Chromium engine. To me my machines lifespan is more important. I can't say that I've tried the Trident engine much on Maxthon 4 to see if the same amount of lags are still present. I know web browsing on Internet Explorer 11 can be very silky smooth and I look forward to 12 coming in the future if they can get it to the standards of Maxthon etc. If Microsoft does bring out a serious browsing experience in the future then I think we can kiss most other browsers goodbye especially if its as lightweight as it is now on resources. I've kept harping on about how MXnitro is a waste of space and I should remind you that Kingsoft's Cheetah browser on Windows blows it apart scoring 4236 on my PC and Cheetah is absolutely loaded with beautiful features more so than Opera and Yandex, MXnitro will get 4000 in comparison and its barebones. Maxthon will harp on about its barebones for speed but as I keep saying its no faster than any other Chromium browser that is loaded with features.
  11. Why on Earth would you want to use Google Chrome on Linux when you could be using the new Opera Browser on there? If you do not want to use Maxthon on Linux for the time being then please use Opera and keep clear of anything with a Google brand. Opera and Yandex (especially slim alpha) are the best looking Chrome browsers and always being updated often. I wouldn't give you a penny for a Google chrome browser, pug ugly no decent features and a spyware in disguise. I believe Yandex is about to release their browser for Linux or already have so look out for that especially when the new slim Yandex hits Linux eventually. For Yandex to steal the Chrome browser title once and for all it needs to have a quality accelerated download manager this is vital as no Chrome browser does and the extensions claiming to do so are crap. Nothing worse than having to have external download managers.
  12. Beso_910 replied at 2014-11-17 21:30 Dear 3011452 Thanks for reporting the issue sorry for inconvienience Utter nonsense if you rename the file it still claims your using the flash 14 because the actual shockwave flash extension file your renaming is still the 14 version. Next time before you give bad advice make sure you know what you're talking about! The correct way to fix such a problem is to go into you c:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash within there you right click and copy the NPSWF32_15_0_0_223.dll or whatever version it is (do not just drag and drop otherwise you'll lose this file from where you dragged from). Now paste that file in the c:programfiles\maxthon\core\webkit\npplugins folder. Delete the other lower version dll that is present and restart Maxthon and now all will work perfectly.
  13. I am so fed up of Maxthon keep claiming I'm using Adobe Flash vers when I have the actual newer versions on. My Lawliet Firefox and PCXfirefox all recognize the right version and they're portable versions. I used to use a portable Maxthon until I decided to try an installed verion to see if that would get around this damn problem but initially on flash install it picked up the new version, since then its saying the old version again. What is going on its really angering me. Windows 8.1 latest Max and its been doing this on numerous other versions of Maxthon!