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  1. Hello @BugSir009, could you kindly revisit the Google Widevine DRM topic with the Maxthon team and possibly obtain an updated response from your developers regarding this matter? It appears that Google offers an SDK and other support to developers, which could be instrumental in enabling Netflix and similar DRM-protected content to function with the Maxthon browser. Thank you in advance!
  2. We have been trying to get in touch with Widevine for the process to obtain the license but unfortunately there hasn't been a reply at all; which is why we are currently stuck although we are open to a solution around it. Hello @MaxthonJeff, could we please have an update on the progress toward resolving this major product flaw? It's difficult to believe that it hasn't been sorted out by now if the management team were properly focused on it.
  3. Hello @BugSir006, just a comment on the user experience of managing the search engines. For some time now I'm very cautious around the "Restore" link in the top right corner of the search engine list. I'm really not going to test its functionality now since in the past it immediately and without asking erased all my manually predefined engines (tens of them) 😐 Unless this has already been dealt with, could you please consider either removing the "Restore" link altogether (users would still be able to remove the unwanted engines one by one) or add some kind of warning notification when clicking on the Restore link, something like "Do you really want to remove all your custom search engine definitions? Yes/No"? Thanks in advance for looking into this.
  4. Please add a true Google search engine option into Android MX6 app. The Maxask substitute is way too inferior and returns incomplete or irrelevant search results. Thanks in advance to have this fixed in a timely manner!