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  1. The Android version still crashes almost immediately after launching the app. All my attempts to log into my account failed with "Login failed" error message, despite this error I however found out the log-in was at least partially successful and the Settings page displayed my login address indicating I'm logged in. No user data (favorites, settings, avatar icon, nick name, etc.) were however synced. Plus, "vanilla" Google search engine is still missing in the list of search engines. Please have it added.
  2. Hello, with beta I've just noticed the problem with keywords not triggering custom search engines is back again. Please have it fixed. Sorry, I take it back. After several restarts of the browser the custom search engine functionality is back again 😳
  3. Hello @BugSir009, do you have a timeline for when the fix will be delivered? Maxthon Android is now unfortunately completely useless on my Samsung S21 running Android 12 and I had to temporarily replace it with a different browser (Brave). Maxthon crashes every few seconds and cannot save any files. My recent attempt to reinstall it ended up with me being unable to log in to my account at all. Please fix this in a timely manner. Thank you in advance. Nowadays, more and more users use their mobile devices for the majority of their web browsing experience. Giving more attention to your mobile product and releasing updates of Maxthon Android with increased frequency would therefore be much appreciated by your user base. By the way, now that I'm forced to use a different mobile browser, I can see that your competition has implemented automatic blocking of cookie dialogs. Would that be a feature you would consider for Maxthon Android as well?
  4. Hi @BugSir009, thank you for the download link. The Google Play Store still does not offer this version for update in my region (Czechia, Europe). Overall it's a very good update and loading of the webpages appears subjectively faster to me. Kudos! 👍 Here're my quick comments on potential areas of further improvement: Search engine list does not offer my primary Google search engine among the choices. Please have it added. Adblock Plus setting under Privacy & Security section is inactive, although the ad blocker appears to be working by default. The app reacts with roughly 0.5sec delay when tapping on the icon with number of open pages (the icon on the bottom bar to the right of the "M" icon) when Home page is active and the animation of the window being minimised is jerky for some reason. When any other open page but the Home page is active, the problem does not manifest itself and the reaction is instantaneous. Tested on Samsung S21 @ Android 13. As mentioned several times before, I would very much appreciate if you allowed users to remove the currently mandatory section with links to eBay, Instagram, Vbox, Amazon, etc. Many users, me included, have no use for any of these links inside of the browser. Adding a new site link via Add custom site leads to messing up the list of sites (only first row of custom site icons is displayed, the rest is not) and browser restart is needed in order to display the previously defined and also the newly added sites. Similar to the above, when using the Home page Search bar, My Sites list gets reduced to the first row of icons temporarily. Switching the Night Mode on/off without the Sun/Moon animation (and resulting delay) would seem more mature to me. Please consider removing the animation.
  5. Hello @BugSir006, neither Google Play store currently offers any update nor does my existing Android app provides update via "Check for updates" link. Can you please double check your update distribution channels and advise how to update to
  6. Hello @BugSir006, just a comment on the user experience of managing the search engines. For some time now I'm very cautious around the "Restore" link in the top right corner of the search engine list. I'm really not going to test its functionality now since in the past it immediately and without asking erased all my manually predefined engines (tens of them) 😐 Unless this has already been dealt with, could you please consider either removing the "Restore" link altogether (users would still be able to remove the unwanted engines one by one) or add some kind of warning notification when clicking on the Restore link, something like "Do you really want to remove all your custom search engine definitions? Yes/No"? Thanks in advance for looking into this.
  7. Please add a true Google search engine option into Android MX6 app. The Maxask substitute is way too inferior and returns incomplete or irrelevant search results. Thanks in advance to have this fixed in a timely manner!