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  1. Yes, it will generate a downloadable file. But the encoding of the file is always utf-8. I created a fiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/3vqr1djt/ When I open the file using windows-1252 Encoding (open with Excel, as it will ignore that the file is utf-8), it will display: ü ä ö When i open the file with Notepad, it detects that the file is utf-8 and will display using utf-8 encoding: ü;ä;ö So the file download is working, but the charset is ignored and utf-8 is always used.
  2. When i have a link like this:click methe file will be downloaded using utf-8 and not using windows-1252 encoding. If you have Excel, you can clearly see this, as Excel will open any csv file using ANSI (for me that is windows-1252) Encoding. So you can see that the chars are not encoded right. If you are not on a computer where ANSI is windows-1252, try it with your local ANSI codepage.