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  1. V6.2.0.2000 works completely in the same way as V6.2.0.1000.
  2. Do you mean V6.2.0.2000 or V6.1.3.2000? BTW, I missed that Release Note about
  3. Maxthon doesn't display the weather. Don't know where to choose my city. Screenrecorder-2022-09-28-12-15-00-374.mp4
  4. I think there is smth wrong with scaling. I use W11x64, Mx installed. Maxthon's window maximized: Maxthon's window restored: Display resolution 2560x1440, scale 125%. And the icon is blurred on both screenshots. It's not a big problem, sure.
  5. Ah, ok. I suspected something like that. I don't use these apps. P.S. I remembered. I used Youtube and Outlook. They should be in Start Menu under "Maxthon apps" folder. May be different behavior if you use portable version.
  6. I even don't know what are you talking about
  7. on 1400 it still seems 1 row of 1 pixel width missing (or 2) Resolution 2560x1440, scale 125%, orientation - landscape
  8. no reports from Windows 10/11 security
  9. Everything is ok in Mx
  10. @cherey, with all regrets, may you rethink to use the latest Mx6 builds (incl. betas)... it's up to you of course
  11. Usually I take these links from Google search. Or from that sites already opened.
  12. All pages I need every day are in last session. A few more addresses I remember, all else Google knows. Bookmarks I use only for backup purpose.
  13. for me bookmark sorting isn't important at all. I don't use bookmarks.
  14. Yes, FB intercepts some keystrokes. F1 is one of them, but not documented. More information you can find at Help -> Accessibility (my link is https://www.facebook.com/help/273947702950567/?helpref=hc_fnav, but it may be not accurate for you)
  15. I renamed a search engine on one PC, pressed "sync". Started Mx on another PC - nothing happened. Restarted Mx on another PC - the same result.
  16. I'm afraid, search engines still not sync. Or I understand it in another way. Attached are search engines from my home and office PCs. They differ. Both are install version.
  17. Here are my settings: Win 11, 2560x1440 @home, Win 10 1680x1080 @office (appearence and settings are the same).//sorry guys, 1680x1080 is ok There is no difference in Mx 500-800. I thought it's "a should be" appearence, so didn't notice earlier.
  18. Sorry to disturb you. There is smth on my side I can't figure out. It works ok on my office computer with all extensions enabled, worked once @home with all extensions disabled, and never more. (I disabled them and restarted Maxthon.) Therefore I posted it as 'FYIO', because it can be and can be not.
  19. bandicam 2022-07-25 18-27-18-206.mp4 bandicam 2022-07-25 18-27-18-206.mp4 Smth strange. When I pasted this video, it looks like doubled.
  20. ok, @Mhzayer, @Chemodan I should be a little bit longer. when you try to download smth, www.lostfilm.tv opens new tab with insearch.site. Mx 6.2.0.xxx in Ultra mode shows an error (on screenshot) and on reload changes https: to http: and vice versa. This I meant "broken".
  21. Just FYI only. The new core (Mx 6.2.0.xxx) broke download from www.lostfilm.tv (redirection to https://insearch.site/) for me. Mx or "Retro mode" work ok.