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  1. my home computer has updated from .8xxx to .9000 I don't really cared of versions. I couldn't correctly write my expressions (see below) But f@ck you you, f@ck you all, f@ck you in all inpermissible holes.... Mx auto-updated to .9000 and I lost all my passwords, my last session (which was my start page). I can not log in in any service, because my passwords are absent, outdated or incorrect. (I write this on my office comp thru Remote Desktop. This is the only way to communicate to World) All my passwords bend to the Passkeeper and purged while this update. I can not login in any service 'cause my login information is outdated or stored to Passkeeeper, which is freed out. I can't get to my last session (which was my start page), I can't to my office account and mail, because all of these were in Passkeeper. I dunno what you meant of this, but I can't get throw. I had a 769 passwords. Now I have and all of them are outdated. (I can't log in in any mail/service account) I lost my bookmarks, my searchpage...from this migrate to this: I lost my ~100 pages from my previous session. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... I manually update to .9200 but nothing changed. All my information is missed or incorrect.
  2. Maxthon is your default browser? The reason may be administrative file/protocol settings.
  3. Let me continue the thread. While there was a bug with e-mail confirmations, I've made three attempts to register. And now I'm VIP2. Why the second attempt played I don't know.
  4. lol yesterday I was a VIP3 68-th member, now I'm VIP1 and 20774th :) "fixed" yes, I tried yesterday several times, and always it was the same number. yes, e-mail was the same every time. but today I received the e-mail immidietely.
  5. this is how it should be. but it is not. there are a few persons on the forum (including me) who didn't receive a word.