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  1. Hello! 1. Obviously(!), auto/manual update check didn't work 2. In settings, appearance, show status bar, unticking just CPU usage, also removes network speeds, ram usage + IP addresses 3. I agree with others, Mx6 MUST have a different icon to Mx5 as MANY people still have both installed due to lacking features in Mx6 4. Download manager still a popup, not a window, so can't alt+tab to it 5. Bookmarks still don't scroll... the fact many people report & request this with EVERY release, maybe this should be a priority!? 6. Chromium version far too old... new versions are mostly about security fixes, which Mx6 doesn't have, so can NEVER be considered a safe browser! 7. Is DNS over HTTPS going to be implemented? Opera + Edge already have it & Google + Mozilla say they're gonna have it too 8. Quick launch company thumbnails still not present (available from the websites themselves (e.g. amazon.co.uk, disneyplus.com, bbc.co.uk, airbnb.co.uk)) We're still not able to install Mx6 onto customer's computer's as the default browser, it's still not as good as Mx5, which we installed on 1000's of computers!
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  2. I have different icons for 5 and 6
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  3. 10. STILL getting items left in download manager after clearing list... it's STILL a caching issue as exit & reload & then they're gone (which they were in the first place, but still listed)
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  4. 9. Still no option to see stored page zoom levels to edit/remove... yes, I know they're kept per page, but we often see customers who've set lots of different websites to lots of different zoom levels & just want them all (sometime they need/want a few kept) reset back to 100%
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