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    when even old time users are about to give up, then it's time to worry about the future of maxthon
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    Let's summon a @MaxthonJeff in a forum. There are too many problems unresolved. There are a full misunderstood between MX community and MX developers. There a lack of MX representatives reaction on our topics. We need some answers...
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    maxthon devs have always ignored users - when was the last time we saw a dev on here - all we see is bugsirs who patronise - they come and go like summer snow so have no insight into whats been asked before the bottom lines are the browser is free as are all others - if it works for you then expect no more - you can but nothing will happen Jeff talks a good story but follows nothing up - too busy with crypto-currency or whatever to dirty his hands with this place and the user base that gave him what he has long term users are leaving which is not good - input here is all but dried up - it does need a statement from Jeff or whoever but we all know that is unlikely to happen in any meaningful way apart from whoever is sitting in the bugsirs chair this week telling us that the users are important - more platitudes - we have heard it all before
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    You are absolutely right Maxthon developers and users connection is so weak something has to be done about it
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    Not only do they ignore the users, but they ignore the users who, in good faith, contribute their time to give free support to the company and in a disinterested way, and it is that same company that looks the other way, when it is precisely that what else should you take care of, your free support towards the other users of these forums.