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    More than a month passed and you fixed this - - Fxied the issue that the browser could not have sound in the Windows XP SP3 system - Fixed the issue that the cookies wrongly recorded under the privacy mode I think you are just mocking users. A lot of bugs were found in 500 build. And... Nothing. Total inaction. Scripts disappear, browser crashes. Dev's what are you doing?

    Violentmonkey bug still not fixed!!. It is possible to re-enable extension but all scripts are deleted after some time. It is unacceptable!!!
  3. This is international forum. Take screenshots in English. And... Server might be unavailable. Check the firewall settings, etc. Your internet provider can also restrict access to IP where Maxthon servers are located.
  4. Hi, Sandra, you didn't pay attention the thread name. The error appears on
  5. https://www.myetherwallet.com/ is not displayed correctly. - OK. Please fix.
  6. Which Version Is coming soon ?

    It's very simple and you don't need to wait for dev's, just do it yourself. In my skin you can find mod of this window -
  7. Which Version Is coming soon ?

    Exactly, but when? Dev's, answer your users.
  8. Hi, horisontal alighnent is OK. Vertical - it is necessary to move the icon up by 2 pixels. My screen resolution is FHD - 1920x1080
  9. In Settings it is possible to change the order of the search engines. It'll be fine to change proxy list too. Please add this option. It's not difficult...
  10. This is a confirmed bug in Win 7-8.1. Look in this thread -
  11. On QA page settings icon is not centered in the cirle.
  12. You need to add this - CountNoteTip=Total <span class="note-count">[[]]</span> notes
  13. In and earlier builds in Maxnote translation string is missing in all languages exept chineese. It should be something like this: CountNoteTip=Total %NoteCount% notes
  14. Arowana skin update.
  15. Arowana skin

    Translator module has changed in 5.2.5. The updated skin in beta stage. I will upload it ASAP.