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  1. Are you kidding? You can download latest release.
  2. Your link is an international forum (not even Chinese), not the main site. All links are published first there. The changeling for 3000 build is also available - http://www.maxthon.com/mx5/changelog/
  3. I also confirm the error. (MX, Win7-10 x64)
  4. Arowana skin update. Tabbar fix for Win10.
  5. How to Save Tab Sets

    Of course it is possible. RBC on tab - Add all Pages to Fav.
  6. Mining go cryptocurrency

    Take a look - https://lives.one/mall?l=en-us At this time you can buy Grape booster (VPN) download packages.
  7. MX5 PC official Release

    This pop-up menu uses the old style pop-up tooltip instead of new one (used in Max interface).
  8. Arowana skin update. Skin minor changes. New sound, lock and sidebar icons. Some bugs fixed.
  9. Arowana skin update. Skin minor changes.
  10. Arowana skin update. Slim tabs added. Skin minor changes.
  11. And for "My Favorites" title - pc-newtab.maxthon.com##div.nav-header.clearfix
  12. Arowana skin update. Skin minor changes. Interactive аvatar button added to navbar (can be hidden in menu).
  13. Arowana skin

    You're wrong. You're right. update with some mods (icons in tab menu added)