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  1. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    In my case - yes, Russian. Same thing with searching highlighted with Yandex, so I can confirm that.
  2. Customizable Skins for MX5! -

    Works fine at new 1400 beta.
  3. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    Last section in Settings have some untranslated strings:
  4. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    Great, let's try it.
  5. Customizable Skins for MX5! -

    Great, thank you, Wilser!
  6. FB purity wrong display

    What exactly *last* version do you mean? And it looks like FB purity's problem, hmm?
  7. MX5 PC beta

    And where is the engine update? You promised it a month ago!
  8. Идентификатор браузера пробовали менять? Ретро-режим?
  9. Translation for Mac Project

    Yes, sure.
  10. Best Ad-Blocker setup?

    I believe that Adguard is the best - but only as separate program, it haven't addon for MX. And it's paid. But as for me - it's perfect, it works for every browser, uTorrent, Skype and so on. Love it.
  11. Translation for Mac Project

    I use both, Vadim is a name, pop4tune is account name.
  12. Translation for Mac Project

    I'm Russian translator and proofreader in that project.
  13. Twitch bug

    Only MX5 can help you.
  14. А смысл? Опять все слетит. Они там накосячили чего-то, сейчас у многих эта проблема, и они понятия не имеют, как ее решить. Остается только юзать МХ4, пока они с пасскипером не разберутся. Ну или отключать синхронизацию, что тоже не совсем выход.