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  1. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Sad. Thank you.
  2. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Guys who writing "It's working" - PLEASE name your MX versions! I have a lot of feedback from Russian users with same problems at last MX5 release and
  3. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    These skins works on 5.0.4.x?
  4. я про релиз, это Может они конечно прислушаются и уменьшат обратно, но вероятность не слишком высока. Народ в англоязычных разделах тоже жалуется.
  5. Вряд ли, в последнем релизе еще увеличили до 1280 по ширине.
  6. MX5 Mac beta release

    I can make a screenshot, but you'll see nothing special - just one empty tab to the right. About silent update - yesterday I checked that information at MX5's Mac App Store page, and I saw it was released May 26 and also there was a text about "get update from MX4 without worries" or something like that. Now as I can see there is no MX5 in Mac App Store.
  7. MX5 Mac beta release

    And one more thing: every time when I starting browser I’m getting one empty tab on the right side. Every time I closing it, but next time it repeately showing again. Just empty tab with no address. --- Haha, I just find a newest version on my Mac - 5.0.18 (170513)! It just silently replaced a previous MX4 version without any questions or alerts, it happens a day before yesterday. I wouldn’t miss by MX4 (I still have a Classic version), but I don’t like that kind of behavior when I didn’t start any update but I got it.
  8. MX5 Mac beta release

    On Mac I haven't. I even can't expand that menu in All folders section - all my bookmarks are inside the folder, and I can see only folder and context menu for it, but not bookmarks inside it. I have access to them only in the right section, and they always opens in active tab. No background option anywhere, I checked it twice before posting. I don't have a middle click on touchpad
  9. MX5 Mac beta release

    One more thing: When I click a bookmark in Maxnote it always open in active tab, I didn’t find a way to open a bookmark in background. So every time I need to go back to the Maxnote. It’s very uncomfortable! Please make it possible to open bookmarks from Maxnote in background tab.
  10. нигде, на то он и внутренний. Попробуйте в тестеры попроситься, тогда будет доступ к этому разделу. но он бажный, там много изменений и его от них плющит. Лучше подождать публичную бету.
  11. Внутренная сборка - это тестовый билд, который вышел вчера, там обновлен движок до 55 версии, и видимо поэтому гугл работает нормально. Попробуйте кстати идентификатор браузера поменять в настройках, может помочь.
  12. MX5 Mac beta release

    Great! I'm looking forward to it.
  13. MX5 Mac beta release

    There is no proxys on MX5 for Mac! OMG, really!? Please do something with it!
  14. Done. Next time it will be helpful to have the link to file in the Crowdin project.
  15. У кого как. Лучшим решением будет поставить портейбл-версию, опробовать ее в работе и решить самому.