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  1. Reader mode

    ==> Karajan : Thank You, a request would be fine. Hoping then for an auto reader feature mode! I'm sure, that's not a really hard work. With regards : MartinB
  2. Reader mode

    But :look : when I read ONE Article of a newspaper - see then the sign of READER MODE - click on that sign, get then the article in the reader-mode ! Then You can go down with the cursor and click on " Autimatically Reader Mode for this newspaper !!! So every time you read articles from this newspaper, these articles are shown (if it is possible) in Reader Mode. This works perfect. But it might be useful/good, if I can have all the articles of all what I get (if it is possible) in Reader Mode ???????. Maybe I'll get some answers. MartinB
  3. Reader mode

    Reader Mode Is it possible to activate rreader-mode in general? Thank you for your answers MartinB
  4. Chrome-extension

    odyssee replied at 2015-4-5 13:21 no idea what it means, but you get it for some softs and not for others. and I don't get the mes ... Hi, Yes, that's it : Changed into Retro-mode - and then there is no error-message !! Thank You !!!!!!! With regards : Martin
  5. Chrome-extension

    No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-4-5 11:20 It is no longer considered safe and they recommend you download another email client. Hi, look, with the following statement the error-message is the same : So I think, the error is inside Adblock , or ....? With regards : Martin
  6. Chrome-extension

    Oliver One replied at 2015-4-5 09:01 This software is no longer supported, and an exploit was found in it! ... Thanks for Your answer. But with another program I got the same message - here's the link : The message results - so I think - with Adblock and the domain Chip -or???? When I used IE there are no messages! Hoping for an answer. With regards : Martin
  7. Chrome-extension

    Hi, here's the link or : and then do the DOWNLOAD ! Hoping for an answer. With regards : Martin
  8. Hi, in the last days i got often the message Kann diese Adresse nicht öffnen Dem Protokoll chrome-extension ist kein Programm zugeordnet Translate : Can not open this address To the protocol chrome-extension is no program associated Is there anybody who can help? Thanks in advance : Martin
  9. Activate Addblock Plus

    Thanks for Your answer and solution : I got it !! With regards : Martin
  10. Hi, how I can activate Addblock-Plus??? Thanks for Your answer. With regards : Martin
  11. Linux-Mint

    Hi, I want installk Linux-Mint on an old Laptot (Lenovo T40) : so which Maxthon-Version should I download - and has ther anybody experience with that Maxthon-Linux-version? Hoping for an answer. With regards : Martin
  12. Favorites

    Very interesting - and there is no possibilty to delete the obsolete entries?????? no trick? maybe somebody has an idea! With regards: Martin
  13. Favorites

    Ohke replied at 2015-1-26 08:26 Press Settings > Favorites > choose Export Favorites > save them as a HTML file and put it in your ... Hi, and thanks fo Your solution - Yes I'll do it on this way! With best regards : Martin
  14. Favorites

    Hi, I have a lot of favorites (too much) - but I don't want to delete them all. But when I'm starting with Maxthon (= execute Max.) I want to load only a few favorites - and when it is necessary then load some other librarys (containing favorites). How can I manage this? Hoping for Your solution (answer) With regards : Martin
  15. Search-Engine IXQUICK

    furkanavshar replied at 2014-12-28 02:25 Hi MartinB (: You can add this URL to Search Engine list: Hi, yes, thats better ! Thanks and regards : MartinB