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  1. Hi @BugSir006, unfortunately again no luck. Attached is yet another anonymized dbgview log for your reference. Can you briefly describe, what kind of problem or technical limitation makes you struggle with this proxy authentication matter for so long? Shall we be concerned about MX5 browser possibly becoming non-compliant with up-to-date cybersecurity standards? MX5.2.6.1000 Proxy issue - brower start-up sequence 2019-01-15.LOG
  2. Hello BugSir006, Would you please update us on this unresolved proxy authentication issue? I have reported it on 6-Aug-2018 already and despite the series of tests I agreed to perform for your development team, there's still no functional remedy! As I have repeatedly stated in the comm thread with your support team, the last version not exhibiting the problem is Can we have a clear statement on why you cannot return to previous proxy authentication mechanism which has worked flawlessly until MX line-up was introduced? Thanks in advance.