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  1. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    Can somebody please try to reproduce and confirm the issue described above? I assume it be may be related to the old bug of Maxthon not remembering order of reopened tabs upon browser restart.
  2. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    Other browsers as well as Maxthon 2 allow a user to move the browser window around the desktop using more than just 40px wide active area MX5 currently offers. It's common ergonomics rule - emphasize the important stuff, suppress the disctracting clutter. I'm not complaining, just pointing out objective weaknesses of the latest MX5 release based on the knowledge of the most common use cases and my over 10 years of experience with previous Maxthon and other browsers.
  3. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    Problem description: Changing skin using the built-in mechanism in (i.e. I'm not applying any 3rd party modification) disarranges current tab order. How to duplicate: Open several tabs. Manually rearrange positions of the opened tabs and remember their positions. Click the T-shirt button and pick a different color/skin. Compare the current tab positions with those from step 2. P.S. I still wonder what drove the decision to have the T-shirt button displayed on the most prominent position in the top right corner of the MX5 window. I don't believe you would really expect users to re-skin their browsers as often as they're using window resize function, right? So unless you're targetting a very specific market niche with (i.e. users suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder) please re-think this design decision and have the T-shirt button placed somewhere else. Perhaps you could add it to the Quick Tools bar instead and allow us to display more than five icons like before ;-) I personally usually pick a skin/color of my liking once and do not change it.
  4. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    Hi BugSir006. It's highly subjective evalution and as such it should be left to users to decide whether 6 tool icons is already too many or not. Why to enforce a limit, if there's no demand for it? Since this change has not been commented in release notes, since it does not work for me, and because it was possible to add more than 5 icons until this beta release (more than 5 can be added in, I cannot but consider it a bug. While your argument of a design decision may work for very low resolutions, it cannot justify the change for high-res screen users. I really have absolutely no use for a 2000px wide address bar with my 2560x1440 screen, while I miss the possibility to display more than 5 tool icons. Please reconsider you position on enforcing limitations if they are neither needed for objective functionality or design reasons nor asked for by the community. If you still feel it's necessary to spoon-feed some novice users with design guidelines, just have the Quick Tools bar resized dynamically based upon the actual MX5 window size, or make the Quick Tools bar element manually resizable. For majority of power-users of your browser however, having more flexibility and less limitations would work the best. And please don't forget that it's the power-user community who provides you with all this feedback
  5. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    Hello, there's a bug in Quick Tools bar not allowing to display more than 5 icons at the same time. If I try to show yet another tool icon, it's added to the tools bar only at the cost of hiding one of the previously displayed ones.
  6. Password manager forgot all passwords

    Happened to me just today with, so you may want to scrutinize the aforementioned statement given by your programmers! I've managed to recover from the loss of my 150 passwords using your previous hint eventually (I appreciate that very much, BugSir006. Thank you!), but the bitterness from having experienced failure of this kind remains. And frankly, my long-term determination to use Maxthon as my primary browser has received yet another serious hit. I really do hope you realize that product defect of this magnitude, which may have put virtual identities of many Maxthon users in jeopardy cannot be dealt on par with some "missing skin support" problems. This is a deal breaker, it undermines trust many of us put into your product and as such it should be approached and dealt with. The minimum I expect from you is affirmation the problem is being worked on with utmost priority, clear statement on root cause of this failure once it's known, and description of containment and preventive measures taken not to allow recurrence of this problem in the future. Thanks for comprehension.
  7. Bug missing space

    Hello. I report a missing margin on the right side of the IP address string which can be optionally displayed in bottom right corner on the status bar. It gets partially covered with a drop-down arrow symbol.
  8. MX fullscreen problem

    Can somebody else please try to duplicate and confirm this issue to have it officially acknowledged as a bug and to prevent this thread from fading away? I managed to consistently duplicate the problem with white border surrounding fullscreen videos on three machines already, one of which was a completely fresh install. The resolutions tested so far were 2560x1440, 1920x1080, 1200x1600 (portrait mode). I also noticed that the test run by BugSir006 was probably performed in some lower screen resolution, so it might be advisable to preferably verify the problem on full HD and higher resolutions.
  9. MX fullscreen problem

    I've just run another test which may indicate there's something wrong with MX5 screen size detection. 1. Start MX5 in a windowed mode. 2. Press F11 to invoke full-screen mode. 3. Press Alt+F4 to close the MX5 app. 4. Check content of c:\Users\_user_name_\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Public\LastData\lastdata.ini 5. Compare the window_pos parameters with your physical screen resolution. I ran the test on a regular full HD 1920x1080 screen, despite that the lastdata.ini file content looks like this: [window_pos] left=0 top=0 right=1916 ... should be 1920 bottom=1076 ... should be 1080 max=false [last_skin] is_def=1
  10. MX fullscreen problem

    Thanks, BugSir006. PHYR and I are apparently getting different results than you do. Attached is a picture of the screen I'm getting following the exact steps you took in your video. As said before - very apparent and VERY annonying.
  11. Issue description: A white 1px wide border/frame is displayed around the MX5 browser content when F11 full-screen is activated from smaller than fully maximised MX window. How to duplicate: Run the MX5 browser in a windowed mode (window size must be smaller than maximised), open any web content with dark background and press F11. The issue is very apparent and annoying while watching fullscreen youtube videos -> play any youtube video in a windowed MX5 and activate the fullscreen within the YT player. Test scenario: The issue seems to be independent of any particular OS/HW configuration. I have duplicated it on Windows 10 Home 64-bit multi-monitor setup with discrete nVidia video card with the latest drivers at 2560x1440, 1920x1080 and 1600x1200 resolutions as well as on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit laptop with embedded Intel graphic at 1920x1080 resolution. Please respond.