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  1. Hello @BugSir006, There appear to be two slightly different work flows, depending on if I inject the dll into my existing installation (which I've been normally using with the old MxHttpRq.dll from the last correctly working version MX5.2.3.6000) or if I replace the dll before first start of a freshly downloaded Portable version: a) Injecting the MxHttpRq.dll into existing installed MX browser - Upon the start of maxthon.exe proxy login window appeared asking me to enter our corporate domain credentials. Even if I did enter correct login information, the proxy authentication did not work and the proxy login window re-appeared again. (I know from my several previous attemps to help you troubleshoot this problem that if I try entering login information repeatedly, my domain account will get automatically locked out.) If I close the proxy login window, I'm still able to use the browser in guest mode without any problem. Normal internet communication can apparently get through, what's not working is only the Passport login itself without which I cannot sync any data. b) Replacing the MxHttpRq.dll before the first launch of a freshly downloaded Portable version - There's no proxy login window. The first login prompt is that of Maxthon asking for my Passport credentials. Upon entering those the "No network connection" error message appears. If I close this dialog "Your account is abnormal" dialog appears asking me to restart the browser. Upon browser restart I'm again greeted with "Your account is abnormal" message, repeated attempt to login again ends up with "No network connection". Like above, I'm still able to browse internet content in guest mode, broken is only the Passport login mechanism.
  2. Hello, I've just tested that new dll with and the result is unfortunately still the same as before. The browser is unable to authenticate through proxy with the usual error messages "Account is abnormal", "No network connection". I will give it a try with the latest Portable beta release as well and if the result is different I'll report it back here.
  3. I'm sorry, @BugSir006, but I cannot help with this request. In any properly secured corporate network, proxy settings is managed by LAN administrator(s) and it's not accessible to common LAN users.
  4. I take the aforementioned back! With the attached MxHttpRq.dll extracted from and imported into the most recent I really did manage to authenticate through proxy properly again! Thanks for remindinng me of this workaround, @S1v :-) MxHttpRq.dll
  5. Hi @S1v, The old MxHttpRq.dll worked as an effective workaround (for me at least) only with some early releases. It doesn't work for me with the recent ones though. I've been chasing Maxthon for this problem since August 2018 and their eventual response on my query why they could not revert to the original .dll was as follows: "The architecture ways have been changed, so the previous dll cannot be released in the next version, our dev team is still working on it." I even provided Fiddler logs to them which indicated problem with proxy authentication handshake. It showed that 5.2.4+ Maxthon browser was probably trying to force authentication scheme not supported by our corporate proxy, which only allowed Kerberos and Basic types of authentication scheme to pass through.
  6. Hi @BugSir006. This is to report the proxy bug is still not fixed with! :-( Is this old proxy bug introduced almost 7 months ago with line-up being worked on or not? If it worked correctly for so long, why are you unable to fix it in the recent browser releases? To my knowledge there's unfortunately no workaround for proxy-enabled environments except using old version or to move to a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, even MSIE have no problems resolving the proxy).
  7. Hi @BugSir006, unfortunately again no luck. Attached is yet another anonymized dbgview log for your reference. Can you briefly describe, what kind of problem or technical limitation makes you struggle with this proxy authentication matter for so long? Shall we be concerned about MX5 browser possibly becoming non-compliant with up-to-date cybersecurity standards? MX5.2.6.1000 Proxy issue - brower start-up sequence 2019-01-15.LOG
  8. Hello BugSir006, Would you please update us on this unresolved proxy authentication issue? I have reported it on 6-Aug-2018 already and despite the series of tests I agreed to perform for your development team, there's still no functional remedy! As I have repeatedly stated in the comm thread with your support team, the last version not exhibiting the problem is Can we have a clear statement on why you cannot return to previous proxy authentication mechanism which has worked flawlessly until MX line-up was introduced? Thanks in advance.