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imagine there will never be the best Android Phone!

Someone could say the LG G3 is the best, another one the OnePlus One. It always depends on your personal feeling and what you want from a phone.

You'll also never ask who is the best super hero, didn't you? ;-)

So you have to clear yourself what you really want and what is really important for you, and how much do you want to pay. After this you'll get great help :)

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my contract on my s3 will finish next month, but i am not sure i want another expensive contract.

Also what phone should i have is s5 worth another contract i'm on Orange UK so usually get some discounts because i have been a customer of theirs for over 10 years. I'm definitely sticking with android.

My S3 is bashed and too slow for what i use it for so definitely needs replacing.

Any thoughts?

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