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  1. hi is it possible to change a setting so that maxthon can be used as firefox or chrome for instance, i thought there was a setting for this a couple of updates ago?
  2. magg replied at 2015-2-13 14:17 Extension from your link is for Mac/OS X Maxthon version only. MX for Windows doesn't support .CRX e ... i downloaded your commodo one but it wont let me get the details open on right clicking the icon. says waiting approvement?
  3. cant find it in the extensions guess it doesn't exist in maxthon for windows users, which is a shame as i use it on other browsers.
  4. http://www.maxthon.com/mac/ext/ it says .cxr i think but when i click on it to install it, it asks me to select a a program to open it with but when i select maxthon it does not work. help