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  1. 11010 replied at 2014-11-10 14:16 I will throw out my AMD laptop. >. Driver from NVidia for AMD ??? :o
  2. yona-tyt replied at 2014-11-8 13:11 What you think of this guys? Discovered significant improvement to the performance of the Intel gra ... I will throw out my AMD laptop. >.<
  3. If you use the adb method you can flash cwm without root.
  4. Maxthon works fine on Ubuntu 14.10 but it needs an upgrade (Chromium 35 or higher).
  5. Version number is unnecessary. Maxthon works good on Linux and has a lot of features, but ! i think ! it's a Chromium browser on Linux and nothing more and you can't compare the Linux version to the Windows version.Win version is much more better.Linux version need a lot of feature from Win....