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Hi, great browser just some thoughts on what can make it better.

Beauty spot in fullscreen - Maybe a light colour like grey or just toned down in generall. More functions like clicking it, slide it to do something, I would even lick it just make it do something !

Quick access - icons that big should really show a screenshot/preview of the page, and I also cannot edit them. The quick access page from version with slightly bigger icons and screenshot/preview would be perfect.

Add ons - no quick access link for add ons and not sure how to get to addons, really want Advanced gestures back.

Just my thoughts on the new version from a users perspective, I am not a developer or know how/if these ideas are even possible.

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Mhzayer replied at 2013-11-26 11:01 back.gif

Salam Freshman

Sliding would be perfect if it was made with two fingers so not to conflict with ges ...

Hi Mhzayer, thx for replying. :)

That is a great idea because sliding is quick and easy. Also I did not think about how the beauty spot would interact with gestures/everything else. It must be trlcky for developers to get everything working together. I wonder if there is a beta release for android because I'd happily test it.

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