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There is no Speed Dial for Maxthon3. There is quick access which you can open by clicking the plus(+) icon on the tab bar. Quick access allows you to add up to nine(9) pages of 12 dials each. There are mods available if you should want more tabs or more dials per page that can be found on the Chinese forum.

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You can get a Quick Access mod from this thread - http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-2956-1-1.html, I've been using it for a while now it works very well and allows you to change the number of columns and rows plus a few other tweaks.

I'm using it with Mx4 but it might work with 3 as well. There's also an English language file but it's not essential.

Also I'd suggest making back-up copies of your Maxthon files (page.dat in this case) before over-writing them with modded ones. Just in case.

Edit; I just tried the mod in Mx 3.5, it appears to work fine -


I'd still make back-ups before changing anything though, if I were you.

(To make Quick Access your homepage, just go into Options and set your homepage to "about:blank", or use the "Current Pages" setting.)

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