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Are you guys working on adding any of the following add-ons. Each on is on another Browser and I was wondering if Maxthon would be getting them anytime soon.


Change Google Home page Back ground


Better Pop Up Blocker (this is the name of the add on)


Ad Block Plus (this is the name of the add on)


Speed Dial (this is the name of the add on)


Hide IP Ad on

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These are very good ideas, indeed. I have not yet learned how to make an app, but for you, and many others, I will try to make one, with quality. I'll try to message you back if I get one running. Just keep checking is what I recommend. A lot of these extensions made are very stupid.

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I could give you, as a temporary solution, an adhunter rule (yes, Mx has a built-in adblocker) to change the google background. Please give me an image URL.

And iGoogle or regular Google (silly google, they announce shutdown of iGoogle and then decide to keep it)?

And yes, there's a noads extension. I might add you might wanna subscribe to the ultimate list, as a custom list URL. The url is here:

The textbox for a custom URL is in the options panel, under subscribe, right at the bottom of all the preset ones. Make sure you hit the radiobox though.

As for speed-dial, Maxthon ALREADY has one built-in. It's called Quick Access or QA.

Google adhunter rule, as an example, uses Big Bang Theory:##body {background: url( 0% 0% !important;}

##a {color:white !important;}

##div#hdtbSum {background: url( 0% 0% !important;}

##cite {color:yellow !important;} {color:beige !important;}You can easily replace the imgur URL with ANYTHING you want. Then you can always change the colors as you please, to fit a new image. Cite is the URL in google, is the description, and ##a is links. Body controls the website background. ##Div#hdtbSum is the header where the search tools appear, once you search.

and you can always try this extension for easier change of background:






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