10 features I like in Maxthon 7

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These are features I find unique to Maxthon, or think that it is fantastic that I don't need an extension to make them work.
  • The zoom controls on the Status line are convenient because I don't need to go to a pull down, or use my other hand to press Ctrl with the mouse wheel.
  • Read aloud works well and allows me to listen to a page while doing something else.
  • The Snap Screen editing tools are very useful.
  • The separate Search Bar suits the way I like to search.
  • The mouse hover to activate tab is an outstanding idea that I use all the time.
  • Storing Private Notes is handy.
  • The Restore button is quicker than using History for recent pages.
  • The Video downloader works surprisingly well, I might even get a subscription?
  • Downloads showing the URL makes it easy to use a separate download manager.
  • I use the Windows Task bar to keep organised, and the Name Window tool is very clever.
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