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  1. One great strength of Maxthon 5 was that MaxNote stored its information in the cloud and was reliable. In theory, you could even access your notes in another browser. But instead in versions 6 and 7, it's no longer a pure cloud service, and so MaxNote is really only syncing locally stored data. And like what sometimes happens when syncing across various devices (with any software), there can be problems because there is no longer a "single source of truth".
  2. Thank you. I uninstalled the Bright VPN from Windows and then I could add the extension to Maxthon, (and it did the re-installed of the VPN too). As an alternative, I found that I could get the extension direct from the Chrome store, without having to do the uninstall first.
  3. Have installed this beta, and I always do a fresh install with the beta versions without keeping any data to eliminate any potential new vs old problems. When I turn on the slider for the Free VPN, it says "Successfully enabled", but when I click on OK, the slider is still off and the VPN is not in the extensions. I looked in Manage Extensions to be sure, and it's not there. I have the Bright VPN program installed and running from the desktop, so that is not the problem. Minor cosmetic problem, but it's still a bad look for Maxthon. Another tiny issue, but why does the default page after a new install say MX6?
  4. My impression is that there was a big jump between Chromium 109 and 110, because of the dropping of support for Windows 7. And I hope that once there is a Maxthon release that is > 109 that the effort required to "keep up" will not be as great because the required testing will be less severe.
  5. I don't expect Maxthon to use the latest Chromium engine, but it would be good to have a version that is less than a year old, or ideally less than 6 months out of date. There are extensions (for services that I have paid accounts for, so they are important) that I can't install in Maxthon which is disappointing. I would be happy with any version 120 or up.
  6. I sometimes have problems with bookmarks not being in the right place to appear on the Bookmarks bar. Assuming all your bookmarks are still there, I find the Bookmark manager has very useful click and drag abilities to allow me to quickly move folders around, so everything is back in the right place to appear on the bookmarks bar. You can access it via the toolbar icon, or with this on the address bar: mx://bookmarks/ Of course, it would be good for the problem to not happen in the first place.
  7. In your last image the yandex clid is visible, from my understanding of how the search urls work, this would enable anybody to copy that id and do searches that would be logged against your identity in Yandex. Probably no big deal, but I am interested in privacy concerns and thought I should mention it.
  8. Did a fresh install of beta and successfully synced my data after signing in. During the time that I have been using it, everything is working as it should be, which is great. Of course, some compatibility problems continue to be present because of Chrome 109, but the developers already know about that, so I am not going to list the issues. Thank you for the update, and I will be back to report any problems if they occur.
  9. Whether a browser can show high-definition playback, is not about whether the chromium core is up-to-date or not. For example, even though SRWare Iron which uses a more recent core than Maxthon and is currently on the 123.0 chromium engine, but it still shows the message to update your browser. It really is that only specific browsers are supported. I have tried quite a few Chromium forks that aren't on the "officially supported" list and they all have the same issue, it doesn't matter whether they are recent, or lagging behind like Maxthon.
  10. All the big streaming services, have chosen to only support a limited set of mainstream browsers at the higher resolutions. For example, for Prime Video the approved list is here: So if you are using any other browser (or operating system) you are stuck with standard resolution (whatever that is?) and there is no way to work around it.
  11. I have attached the contents of the log file which shows what happens when trying to open portable 64 bit version, but the window immediately closes. 20240514.log
  12. I did a totally fresh install of portable 64 bit version in a new folder, and it ran fine the first two or three times (and synced fast and fully after signing in which was great) but then the problem appeared that clicking on Maxthon.exe starts the program and I can see a brief flash of a window as the program instantly exits. It simply won't run any more, so 9600 being a beta, I have switched back to the safety of