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Since I have limitation in posting anywhere except here, I give some requests I want in Mx6.


All of the functions were in Mx 5.2 which I like and get used to. They are:

1.  the state bar with a lot of meters such as CPU using rate, upload and download speed, IP address, etc. Just like them in Mx 5.2.

2. the access to UUmail. I am still using this function.

3. add a selection in "Settings" to disable URL auto-completion. This exists in Mx5.2 and I am used to it.

4. add a selection to cancel the "pop up playing" tab

5. add a selection to cancel the prompt of "auto save password".

6. add a selection to not save username anymore.


Could you please add these functions in the subsequent Mx6? I really like this browser. But some functions are tardying in adding in Mx6 so I come here to post these suggestions.


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