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today I opened my maxthon browser to use as usual but I discovered that my all quick access are disappeared and it back as same as when I download it at the first time

any solution fro this please, for instance if there is a way to reload the earlier version of my quick access, 

to be honest it was a big shock as I was collecting this links for at least 10 years now 

can anyone give me help please 

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Thankes BugSir006 for your reply 
I was late to respond because I had a message saying that I have reached the limit and I have to wait 24 hours to be allowed to send messages 
I have attached the screen shoot and as you can see that it is not containing my original quick access 

the day of the problem when I logged in to my account I had a message saying (your account is not normal and it needs to log out and log in again)

when I did so, it whipped all of my quick access and the one which is on the screen shoot attached is appeared 

it just bring the refresh one (as I am just started with Maxthon)

also the version I use is MX5 

my question BugSir006 is 
is there any way and chance to re-sync my quick access to the previous date 
for example to the point of around of two weeks ago

thanks again for your kind attention


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